Mother’s Day Giveaway – Sante Fe Dinnerware Collection from Brylane Home

Jennifer, 5 Minutes for Mom’s assistant, shares her insight into the Brylane Home Sante Fe Dinnerware collection in this giveaway. This is a compensated post and she received a sample product but her opinions are her own.

I am a sucker for anything related to the kitchen. Guess that is because I am a food blogger. I love to post new recipes, share photos on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts and make my readers drool. For a food blogger though, to really make your photos pop, you have to have gorgeous props — like dinnerware.

When we were contacted by Brylane Home about doing a giveaway for their new Sante Fe Dinnerware Collection, I jumped at the chance. I have mismatched dishes from when I first married my husband 20 years ago, so I was in sore need of something pretty, fashionable, and that would make my food photos above the top.

The 16-piece Santa Fe Hand-Painted Striped Stoneware Dinnerware lets color live in style that’s unique and creative. This matching set with green, blue, red, and yellow stripes will liven up your kitchen countertop and dinning table with a touch of southwestern flair at a great value.

  • A BrylaneHome® exclusive!
  • Hand-painted stoneware
  • 16 piece set
  • 4 10¼” dinner plates
  • 4 7¼” salad/dessert plates
  • 4 20-oz. bowls
  • 4 10-oz. mugs
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

Enter to win

2 readers are going to get their chance to win a complete set of the Sante Fe Dinnerware collection. Use the Rafflecopter form to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

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Why do you want to win a set of these gorgeous dishes?


  1. Karen Lynch says

    We received our current dish set as wedding gifts almost 19 years ago. Some have been broken and many are looking shabby. A new dish set would brighten our table at meal times.. New dishes have been on my wish list for a while now. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. says

    Well, I never got my wedding China I requested and all of my dishes have come from Goodwill. They’re decent, but all mis-matched. I would love to have a matching set to entertain with, but can’t afford to buy one. :)

  3. Anne Taylor says

    NOt sure if my first comment went through, so I’ll say it again lol

    I’d love to wn these because my dishes are now bits and pieces from dish sets gone by


  4. ELIZABETH C. says

    Between my hubby & kids, we dont have many dishes left. They accidenatlly dropped quite a bit of them.

  5. says

    I would love to win the set because we moved into our new place 6 months ago and we just cant afford new plates.. It would be nice to have a set to use. :)

  6. Jenny Lloyd says

    my husband and i have been married for 7 years and have never purchased a set of dishes (we are currently using the set i got at my wedding shower with my ex-husband) we both love the santa fe set!

  7. Debbie Bashford says

    I actually do not own a matching set of dishes, all mish mashed, I would love to win this gorgeous vibrant set

  8. naomi c says

    you would think it would be the kids to blame – but we dont have any… the hubby keeps dropping our nice dishes and breaking them :( we are one piece down for just about every part of the setting

  9. David says

    WE just relocated across the country. We have a new home and new decor. We may as well have new dinnerware.

  10. Melody Winslett says

    This would be such a fun win for our household because we need some new dishes that match! Through the years, our dishes have become broken and we have a lot of mismatched plates and bowls. The colors in these dishes are so bright and fun and would really liven up my kitchen table!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  11. Peggy D says

    I’m in need of new dishes, and these are perfect with the colors I have in my kitchen


  12. Julia Baxter says

    I would love to win this set because I am getting married in July and it would be great to have some fun dishes!

  13. Theron Willis says

    I’d like to win as I have only enough dinner wear to serve two people, hence I could use extra plates for when I invite more than two people over,

    Hope to win!

  14. Meaghan F. says

    I’ll be living on my own for the first time soon and I don’t have any plates, so these would be really helpful.

  15. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to win this fun and cheerful dinnerware set because my current dinnerware is very old and beat up.

  16. says

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I hope you will also enter my April Showers giveaway. It ends soon.
    Why would I like to win. I would love to have these bright colors on our summer dining table. They just feel like summer time. xo

  17. Jennifer aka JusticeSadie says

    I would love to win these because they are Gorgeous! Also my set it missing so many due to breakage or has chipped. Time for a Fresh Start!

  18. Tamar says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE colored dishes. I am all about multiple colors. Heck, if this was around when I got married, I would have totally added it to my registry.

  19. Laura Jacobson says

    I would love to win this beautiful set! My current dishes are missing a plate…think the dishwasher ate it! LOL…it just vanished! So, I would love to have a complete set for when company comes over!

  20. Tammy S says

    I would love to win because I haven’t had a new set of dishes in about 15 years. I don’t have the same number plates and bowls. No fun!

  21. says

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I’d love to win them because, they are bold, colorful, and would brighten up any meal! I have black dishes and you could see the scratches all over them.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  22. Michelle Hudak says

    Over the years we’ve collected a menagerie of plates that just don’t match. It would be nice to have a complete set especially for times we have company.

  23. Barbara Stenby says

    my dishes right now are white very boring. they are also from the dollar store. these are really nice & i would not be embarrassed to have a dinner party if i had these.

  24. Tyler Cramer says

    because this would be a beautiful set to own and i would love to have friends and family over for dinner and use this beautiful set of dishes

  25. says

    I want to win because this set would add a brightness and modern look to my kitchen. Red is a color I use throughout my home and green is the center color of my table. I think it would “match” nicely.

  26. darla says

    Like most folks who have had kids, my dishes are a mish mash of whatever didn’t broken. Nice to have a matching set.

  27. Anastasia says

    I’d love to win because I think they are lovely and would make a great gift for my daughter as she heads off to college :)

  28. Liz says

    My kids have broken quite a few of my everyday plates, and I’ve been looking for a new set to replace them! I LOVE the bright colors in this one!

  29. Katie Roch says

    I want to win this set because it would really brighten up my dining room and would be perfect for small dinner parties.

  30. kim says

    I have mismatched plates that I have bought at the dollar store it would be nice to have a set that actually matched

  31. Samantha Daleo says

    I’m 38 years old and I still use the mix/mosh set of dishes that I collected when I was 18 and getting ready to move out. These would be amazing.

  32. says

    I really like the design and colors. Also, I could use some new dishes. The set I have now is starting to get knicks and cracks. Thanks.

  33. JC says

    I literally signed a lease to my first apartment yesterday! I work for a non-profit and could use all the amazing kitchenware I can get :) This would be a great housewarming gift!

  34. Priscilla Benavides says

    They just changed out the kitchen cabinets in the apartment we live in and our kitchen looks very differant from what it did before considering the old cabinets had been there for over 30 years so I think it’s only fitting to get a whole new set of dinnerwear to match the modern look!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  35. Denice P says

    I want to win cause i like the colors of the ware. The colors are so bright and cheerful looking. Way better than the standard plain set that I have now.

  36. Cassandra Eastman says

    I would love to win because it’d be nice to have matching dishes when we entertain or anytime! These are gorgeous!

  37. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    After 20+ years of marriage – I would really like to a MATCHING set of complete service for four! At best we have maybe half a dozen more or less complete service for two. It would just be so nice to be able to have a couple over and set a neat, coherent dinner table.

    Aside: I love the design / pattern in this set!

  38. Julie Thompson says

    I would like to win these because I am starting over and do not have any dishes and need some. Thank you for the giveaway

  39. Victoria Carlson says

    I would love to win this dinnerware set because we just have a set of everyday dishes. Now that we have a house, we would love to have people over for dinner with a nice set of beautiful dishes like these!

  40. DJ says

    I would love to win because we don’t have a complete set of plates! It’s all mismatched from different sets.

  41. Amy L says

    I’d like to win this for my daughter. She just moved to her own apartment, and she has only a few hand-me-down dishes that are mis-matched. I’d love to surprise her with this beautiful set!

  42. Lacey says

    While most of our dishes are mismatched, my husband won a 4 pc set of dishes 2 years ago at a Ducks Unlimited meeting/dinner. They have ducks flying across the sky. On my dishes. Thanks for the chance to win a set of pretty/unmanly dishes!!

  43. Andrew B says

    We often cook Mexican at home and our dishes are old and have hair line cracks! Winning the Sante Fe Dinnerware Collection would certainly brighten up our meal time and add some flare to mexican Fiesta nights!

  44. Belinda McNabb says

    I would love to win this set because right now the dishes in my cupboard are mismatched and it would be great to have a real set of dishes

  45. LOIS PAYTON says

    my granddaughter just moved into a house with friends while she goes to college and they sure could use them, I gave them pots and pans, GOD BLESS YA’LL

  46. Stephanie Larison says

    I love the colors! I’ve had the same little set since we’ve been married, it’s not enough to go around when we have people over.

  47. Desiree Dunbar says

    I want to win because I am in need of new dinnerware and I love the bright cheery colors of this one.

  48. samantha w says

    I love the bright colors, but would love to win this because I don’t have one full matching set of dishes.

  49. Amanda Rauch says

    My son is getting ready to go off to college and i could send him with our current dishes and i could enjoy these new beautiful ones!

  50. Nita Thakkar says

    I hope to win because my family and I recently moved, although unfortunately many of my plates broke during the move. These plates would really brighten up my day and my kitchen; bringing a smile to my face every time I use them :)

  51. Marcia says

    Beautiful cheery set of dishes! I too have those mismatched dishes in the cabinet! I would be grateful to be a winner!

  52. Ellen C. says

    I’d love to win this set because the set we have now are hand me downs from my mother and we could definitely use a new set. Thanks for the chance.

  53. Sharon Siqueiros says

    This are so colorful and would be perfect in my kitchen!! My dishes are 30+ years old and it’s time, it’s time…..

  54. Jeannie says

    We need matching dinner sets. Our set now consist of mis-matched pieces my mom and my mother in law gave us.

  55. Jen says

    I broke several dishes the other day, im not going to say it was my kids fault, but it was my kids fault. Now im in dire need of new dishes, lmao.

  56. says

    These are so cheerful and pretty! We could really use a new dinnerware set in the Smith household! We haven’t gotten any new ones since we got married, and three kids later, there are some chips and scrapes :-)

  57. Karen says

    Very pretty set. I’ve always used hand me down sets that have now seen better days. This would be a perfect set for our small family.

  58. says

    I have four children who destroyed my dishes when they were younger so i had switched to plastic! Now that they are older id love to have a good set of dishes!!

  59. Amy says

    I would love to win so we can have a full matching set to use when we have company over instead of the mismatched group we have now!

  60. Wayne Lecoy says

    Please enter me in your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a complete set of the Sante Fe Dinnerware collection.
    In response to your question of
    Why do you want to win this gorgeous dinnerware set?
    I would like to win this because all my dishes come from different sets
    and it would be nice to have a set that matched.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Lisa Garner says

    I would love to win this set because it’s so colorful and would be fun to use in my kitchen.

  62. says

    I need a matching dinnerware set, I think over the past 3 years more dishes have broken and I have about 4 different sets in my home that I would love to give away to charity and replace with a lovely set like the Sante Fe one

  63. Tiffany Hearn says

    We’ve had a our dishes for years and many of them have been broken. I would love to win this set! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  64. Courtney Renee says

    All my dishes are old! I want really nice ones. Mine are chipped yard sale freebies!

  65. mary renshaw says

    We have needed new dishes for YEARS! But I could never decide! We are currently using a hodge podge from the dollar store and paper plates! LOL

  66. Lanicsha Wynn says

    I love the colors and it’s about time for a new set of dishes, the last set I got was years ago, and missing a few pieces from the set

  67. Liza E says

    I love the pattern & colors the dishes I have are white, these would put a nice zip to a meal

  68. Katherine H says

    I want to win because I need some dishes really bad. We moved awhile back and I think most of my dishes got put in the wrong storage unit that is 120 miles away, lol!

  69. says

    We keep saying we need new dishes! We, too, are still using our set that we got for our wedding in 1998! These are so pretty, bright, and festive – love ’em!

  70. Kari Flores says

    I am down to two bowls from a set of four and have all the plates. But they are a boring brown color. I need these to spruce my cabinets up.

  71. Brenda Elsner says

    I want to win because it would be nice to have a matching set of dinnerware for once. I have always had mismatched dishes.

  72. Pauline M says

    I love to bring color and light to the dinner table with my family. It’s such a happy set and I would love to share it with my family!

  73. Samii Meyer says

    I currently don’t have nice dishes – I live in a studio apartment – but I am moving next month where I would have more space and I would love to get some new dishes for the occasion!

  74. Stephanie Thompson says

    I want to win because it is gorgeous and my style plus I’ve never had a matching new set of dinnerware.

  75. Brenda Penton says

    I’d love to win because I am painting my kitchen this summer and these dishes would match the new paint beautifully!

  76. Ronda Patrick says

    I would LOVE to win these since most of my sets are pieced together from other sets It would be nice to have a matching set for dinner!

  77. DeeAnn S says

    I love the bright colors. And it would be nice to have a set of dishes that isn’t cracked and chipped! :) Thanks.

  78. Danielle F. says

    I would LOVE to win this because I am still on my original set of dishes that I got when I first moved out of my parents house. They were cheap and they’re heavy and all they do is chip and get too hot and burn my hands while the food inside the bowl or on the plate is still cold

  79. Georgia Beckman says

    I would love to win because we NEED new dishes. We have not had new dishes for 21 years. Ugh, I am so tired of looking at these plates with bluebirds on them that I never really liked in the first place!

  80. Kat Emerick says

    I have a an old dinnerware that I have had for 25 years and most are cracked or broken and even missing. I just love the bright colors on this set.

  81. San D says

    My mum loves hosting summer barbecues and parties and these would be so perfect for her! xo (Twitter follower @SS_Dal)

  82. Krystal says

    I would love to win because they are so amazing. It would be so nice to have new dinnerware.

  83. mary gardner says

    my daughter has her first apartment and could use some nice dinner ware, plus this is gorgeous!

  84. Savannah miller says

    I want to win it for myself… I know selfish but I’m still using the hand me downs people gave me when I first moved out!

  85. says

    I’m 42, and married nearly 10 years, and I still don’t have a matching (or even coordinating) set of dishes. My whole life it’s been odds and ends and mismatched hand-me-downs

  86. robyn paris says

    i would like to win these because my Daughter is getting her own apartment and this would be a wonderful gift

  87. Peggy Greco says

    I want to win this gorgeous dinnerware set because I love it and really need a new set!

  88. regina m says

    Great colors. Maybe I could finally get a matching set, and not the piece mea hand me downs.

  89. Vicki D. says

    I would like to win not only because it’s gorgeous, but because I could really use it. Next time I have the ladies over for a brunch, they would be served on this dinnerware.

  90. says

    I would love this set I love the colors. My old set Is so chipped and pieces have been broken over the is time for a change

  91. Karla Sceviour says

    I would love to win this because I am in need badly of a nice new dinnerwear set..this is lovely for spring,,thanks! :)

  92. virginia says

    The truth: I am tired of using paper plates..

    Being a full time mom and student and homeschool mom I would like to have a nice dinner place for once for me and my family

  93. Deborah Mireles says

    I love the vibrant colors and its would be quite a differance from the plain old blue butterfly corelle that I have been using forever!

  94. Laura Proctor Unger says

    I’d love this set instead of my current mismatched dishes. No matter how crazy life gets we always sit down as a family for dinner and these dishes would make dinners extra special!

  95. says

    I love the way it looks, I actually already have a set similar to it but it’s all nicked and very worn in, I would love this beautiful updated set much more!

  96. Linda Kish says

    I have part of a set of chipped dishes from a yard sale my dad got years ago. I have had them since he passed away 14 years ago. It’s time I got some new ones that matched.

  97. gretchen reichenberg lucas says

    I would love to win this, as I miss Texas and those colors remind me of it!

  98. Lynde F. says

    We moved about 3 weeks ago & somehow we lost all our silverware & half of ours dishes-so crazy. This set would be a fabulous replacement!

  99. Charlene Kuser says

    I would love to win these dishes because they would add some color to my kitchen and brighten things up.

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