Stop Sacrificing and Indulge Every Now and Then

Let’s see if you fit in this scenario —

The kids are down for a nap, and you finally have a few minutes alone just to sit and bask in the quiet of the day. Just as you sit down, the phone rings. You look over and groan because you know if you don’t answer you will beat yourself up the entire rest of the afternoon. So, you sacrifice those few precious moments to listen to the caller on the other end chatter for 15 minutes non stop about something that doesn’t even matter.

Sacrifice — it can be a pain sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if just for one fleeting moment we could put ourselves first for once?

Dannon Light & Fit says it’s time to STOP sacrificing.

Lil had too much time on her hands so she decided to make it her mission in life to help those less fortunate than herself: Women who sacrifice so much, not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. She deplores these women to stop with the sacrifice already. Why sacrifice when you can have Light & Fit Greek yogurt? It’s the thick, Greek yogurt with 80 calories per 5.3 ounces. Go to to join her cause and help spread the word.

You can score a coupon just for signing up!

What have you been sacrificing lately?

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