How To Protect Kids From Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

Has your child ever been bullied online? Have they engaged in cyber bullying? Or would you even know?

Studies are saying there’s a 50% chance they have. Recent reports claim that half of adolescents and teens have been bullied and/or engaged in cyber bullying.

Susan talks with Kim Garst from Boom Social about these shockingly high rates of cyberbullying and how parents can help protect their children from cyber bullies.

When you watch the interview below, you’ll hear Kim’s insights into

  1. The number one thing parents can do to prevent cyber bullying
  2. How to best communicate with your children about online etiquette and bullies online
  3. The importance of monitoring your child’s online activity and how best to do so without being too intrusive
  4. Teaching your kids to think about their online postings and its effect on others and potentially themselves (as it pertains to getting into college or securing a job)
  5. What to do if your child is indeed a victim of cyber bullying and the appropriate steps to take with school administrators, other parents and even law enforcement

For more information on bullying, please visit our Stop Bullying Resource Page.


  1. Tammy S says

    These are some great tips!!!
    My daughter has been a victim of cyber bullying. I just don’t really think people realize how what you say online is out there forever. Once you hit send, there is no taking it back.
    I recently witnessed other bloggers (in my opinion) cyber bullying another group of fellow bloggers. They one group wasn’t happy with the other because they felt the other group was endorsing a product that they didn’t like. They were tweeting and posting using a special hash-tag. I was shocked! Isn’t this what we are trying to teach our children not to do? We all need to remember that we lead by example. I am not trying to preach, just stating an opinion!
    Please just try to treat others as you would like to be treated. Think how you would feel if it was your child being bullied.

  2. says

    I totally agree with Tammy S. The problem of cyber bullying in children can’t be erased as long as the adults out there are setting a bad example for them. I wish people would be a little more sensitive and try to teach their children also about the importance of respecting others.

  3. says

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    Thank you!

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