Once again, I am running out of time…

by Janice

I am late for almost everything. The problem can sometimes be traced back to procrastination, but usually it is because I have too much to do and I am trying to cram too many things into too short of a time span. (According to my husband I am time dyslexic.)

Like today for example – my to-do list is impossibly long and the clock refuses to slow down. I am in trouble!

You see, tomorrow morning we have to go away for a weekend trip with my in-laws. But I haven’t even packed nor done my son’s laundry yet! (I shouldn’t have visited all my WW commentors today – but I feel terrible when I don’t get to them all.) I still need to write my post for Faith Lifts on Saturday as well as tidy up all the toys still scattered all over the house!

Oh my… it is going to be a late night!

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