Can You Still Look Sleek and Stylish While Driving a Mini Van? The Mazda 5 Review

I recently reviewed the Mazda 5 mini van and am still amazed that I did. You see…I am one of those women that always said that I would never drive a mini van. Why? Well, because I had preconceived notions of what a mini van was. I am happy to say that driving the Mazda 5 was a great “eye opener!  Not only was the vehicle sleek and stylish, it did not overwhelm my small 5’5 frame, which I was happy about.

Mazda 5

Over the course of a week,  I used the mini van for everything from daily family errands to  a solo outing where the roomy 6 passenger interior of the Mazda 5 was not required, but still greatly appreciated. The comfy leather seats  heated quite warmly on cold winter days with the simple press of button.

 Audio and cruise controls in the steering wheel were a convenient option and limits the amount of fumbling that you do in the vehicle. Speaking of fumbling, the Mazda 5 has lots of convenient spaces for mommy’s water bottles, phones, keys, lipstick and other stuff.



Having a spot on the door just for my phone was great! Lack of illumination on the interior door locks was missed but could be compensated by the many dome lights and moon roof above.

Oh, and I did mention family errands right? The press of a button transformed this 6 passenger vehicle to a great cargo area that I utilized for lots of donation boxes for my daughter’s outgrown items on a trip to my favorite kids’ consignment store.

Roomy cargo space on Mazda 5

The best part? After 7 days of errands like dance class, choir rehearsal, grocery shopping, church events, dropping off tons of clothing and a “mommy date” 35 miles away from home, the fact remains that I did not fill up the gas tank once.

By the way, in case you are wondering…I did not loose any cool points from driving a mini van either. Still sleek and stylish.

 This is a great family vehicle that you need to check out!

“The vehicle was supplied by Mazda Press Fleet to review. No compensation was provided and all opinions are the writer’s own.”



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    Nice review! Dads like me with multiple kids already know what makes minivans “sexy”–they’re extremely spacious and full of storage space! I’ve enjoyed my “swagga wagon” aka the Toyota Sienna for years. Although I like the sleekness of this Mazda 5, it might be just a tad too small for my brood.

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