Slow Family Living {Review and Giveaway}

If you ask a mother of school-age children about her week, I would bet one of the first words that will spring to her mind is “busy.” Juggling children’s activities, work and/or volunteer service, household maintenance (we all have to eat and need clean clothes to wear) eats quickly into those 24 hours we all have each day. But even if we manage to get everything done, do we ever ask ourselves, “Is this working for us?”

That is one of the approaches Bernadette Noll suggests in her book Slow Family Living: 75 Simple Ways to Slow Down, Connect, and Create More Joy. Each short chapter gives one way that you can do what the subtitle says: slow down, be more connected or joyful in your day-to-day lives, and just enjoy each other more. Each idea won’t work for each family, but I guarantee you something will work for you.

One that touched me is the “do over.” Do you ever answer a child’s question in a much snippier tone than he deserves? Does your child ever answer you with a disrespectful tone in her voice? Either party can just call “do over!” Then the question and the answer are repeated. Humor is effective to diffuse a situation, and it’s a great way to get your point across about respectful communication without having a big lecture session.

Other ideas that you might want to learn about:

  • alternatives to organized sports
  • effective listening
  • practical ways to move from fast to slow
  • experiencing fun and togetherness while doing chores

Check out the Slow Family Living blog to read her manifesto and for more tips and encouragement. You can also like them on Facebook.

We have a copy of Slow Family Living for one of you. Follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below to enter, starting off by leaving a comment and indicating that you’ve done so! The giveaway will close on March 23.

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  1. DebbieKL says

    I often feel like I’m always on the move either at home or doing errands. I’d love to read some tips to help me appreciate each day a little more

  2. says

    I am definitely short with my daughter too often – I am trying to be more patient and listen more, giving her my full attention instead of doing 5 things at once AND listen. Anyway, would love to read the tips in the book, thanks!

  3. Maureen says

    Just entered – this books would be helpful to me and my family as we are always going. Thanks, Maureen

  4. Mona Evanochko says

    My Daughter talks about how they can slow things down and organize and enjoy their hectic lives, some tips would be great. I’d love to give her this as a gift.

  5. Monique says

    For me to slow down as a family would help my Daughter as being 9 with all going on in her life she does not need the stress.
    Slow down for my family would be to stop and learn what areas need tuning up.
    Between school and my husband working and the older our daughter gets I see how important it is.
    But to read and take on new ways and tasks is important to me…
    If I were to win this book I would be greatful…

  6. Jessica T says

    Looks like this book will have a lot of good advice on living in the moment! Something we all need as parents!

  7. Erin says

    I can relate to the opening paragraph — we are a family of school aged children! I would love to read these suggestions.

  8. Justine says

    I love the tip you shared in the post! It is a simple thing to do that would make interactions more positive! I would love to be able to enjoy and use more her tips!

  9. Elisabeth says

    As a family we definitely do better when we slow down and it would be neat to learn tips to make this happen more!

  10. Brittany says

    I have four kids who are all in sports and activities we are busy all the time it seems. I want to enjoy their childhood with them and slow down to reduce some stress and introduce more fun into our family. I would love this book.

  11. says

    Looks like a good book — even kids are stressed these days with afternoons and weekends filled with after-school and extracurricular activities!

  12. april yedinak says

    I already practice slow family living, but I would be interested in reading some of the author’s ideas.

  13. K.Pugh says

    Our 4 kids range from highschool to babies at home. I’d love to incorporate some slow living tips.
    Thanks for the chance.

  14. Shelby Brigham says

    I would like to try it because it always seems that I am caught up in schoolwork, housework, or errands

  15. says

    I so need to slow down. I would love to win this book. My life (and family’s life) is out of control. We are always rushing to school, work, sports, events, etc. We never even sit down to dinner anymore. HELP!

    Jill at Seaside Book Nook

    seasidebooknook at yahoo dot com

  16. says

    We are more of an old-fashioned family. We like living simply and doing things on the homestead together. We value faith, family and being together. :) This book would be lovely to read!

  17. nicole krutz says

    yes because i always feel rushed and when i do have a chance to sit down and relax i want to do it alone and not with the kids, i would love some relaxing ideas

  18. Brandy W. says

    yes, it seems like the perfect way to start “slowing down & smelling the roses”

    everything is going into overdrive all the time and some pointers on making better use of my time would be wonderful!

  19. shawna says

    Yes, because it seems like activities and technology get in the way of being a tight knit family these days.

  20. kathy pease says

    we are always on the go busy with sports and stuff and this sounds like a great tool for quality time

  21. heather c says

    Yes, indeed! I find myself repeating myself more often than not, so effective listening is calling my name.

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