How to Host an Oscar Party at Home

The Oscars are almost here!  The 85th Annual Academy Awards will be held on February 24th, 2013.

The Oscars are the award show of the season, which means hosting an Oscar party at home is a fun idea. But how can you have a glam Oscar party at home?

Here are some tips on hosting an Oscar party:

1.  Keep it Simple

Finger foods are probably your best bet when hosting an Oscar party, although there is much preparation in appetizers and nibblies! If you’re strapped for time, your local grocery stores have some tasty frozen appetizers (gasp!). No one will know. Costco, for example, has an amazing spiral Spanakopita (and I’m Greek) – not as good as my mom’s or aunt’s but it will do. Also, a few quick dips like Guacamole and vegetables as well as a cheese platter are always a hit.

2. Let the Drinks Flow

Nothing says happy like a stocked liquor cabinet! If you’re on a budget,  check out these champagne offers as serving champagne can be a lovely idea – garnish with some fruit like strawberries. But of course, you’re hosting so be responsible and don’t let your guests over do it!

3.  Go with a Theme

Go with a golden theme – like Oscar himself. Or opt for a classic old Hollywood black-and-white decorations and table accessories. Presentation is everything!

4.  Tell your Guests to Dress Up

Invite your guests to dress up as their favourite actor or character. Give out silly prizes for them – best fake accent, best kissing scene, etc.

5. Have a Movie Party for the Kids

While you’re entertaining the adults, have the kids enjoy a party all on their own. Make some popcorn and throw in a movie for them to watch in another room. Keep board games and video games handy. If you have a stash of costumes, lay them out for the kids to dress up in.

Best of all, have fun!


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