Tackle it Tuesday: I Found My Van Floor … and Something “Extra”

I spend quite a bit of time in my minivan. In fact, we may have bonded (but don’t tell anyone, because I know minivans aren’t supposed to be “cool”). I realized that my minivan was out of control messy. I had to stage an intervention.

The van is obviously messy, but even I was a little surprised at what I found inside…

Any guesses?

This is the before shot of my front seat:

As you can see, my van is very “lived in”. I like to call it cozy. My children, though, called it “gross” when they made a funny discovery in my minivan floor…

Why yes, that is an old banana that was in my minivan floor. I really couldn’t even believe it myself. My kids and I laughed so hard about that banana. We are still joking about it — who knew cleaning out the van could be such a fun and funny experience?!

And look! I found my minivan floor!!!


What did YOU tackle this week?

I love to read your posts and want to highlight a couple from the last two linkups! (Be sure to link up and share with your friends and perhaps YOUR blog post will be featured here next time!)

There were SO many great posts, it was hard to choose only two to highlight! Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection had a great post on organizing a toddler’s room. I have a four year old and am going to try out some of her ideas!

… and this post over at “Just Trying to Save Money” on organizing computer cords… Genius!!! Why didn’t I think of that?!

I can’t wait to see what you have tackled this week! Link up and go visit from others for great ideas!




  1. says

    That is so funny, we found a banana and a bag of apples from McDonald’s one day in our back seat! Needless to say they were not something that looked very appetizing any more!!

    Thanks for sharing our computer cord clutter! Funny how the littlest things can make such a difference!!

  2. says

    That’s great that you cleaned your mini van. That’s next on my to-do list, once there is a nice sunny (warmish) day! I hope to use a carpeting cleaning product and then do lots of scrubbing and vacuuming! I’d love to make my van’s carpets look new again!

  3. KelLee says

    I have been doing 40 bags for Lent. So every day I do at least one bag (13 gallon kitchen trash bag) of either give away or throw away. But to be honest I am doing a bag each right now… maybe as I get closer to Easter I will be only doing 1 bag and searching for stuff. Today so far besides the bag of give away items. My husband gave away a receiver and two speakers. A mattress and box springs set is finding a new home, as well as a raised bed with a desk underneath it frame. 😀 I am so happy to be relieving my home of the unneeded things. They will find a home someplace else and be loved.

  4. says

    Embarassingly, I once found a banana in my purse. Now to my credit I do have giant purses, but still. Ewww.

    BTW- love the bread tag thingees as clips for cords- that is sheer genius.

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