Tackle It Tuesday: I Finally Finished Something!

For years I have been the queen of starting a project and leaving it in limbo. When I was pregnant I tried to knit blankets for my kids – I wanted them to have something that was made with love, from their mom. I started quilts and sweaters, you name it – all with the best of intentions.

But I never ever finished them.  Time, lack of motivation, what ever excuse you want to come up with.

This week I finished my first knitting project that wasn’t a quick knit!  I have done four hats (as per my previous Tackle it Tuesday post) but this one took a few weeks. So much time I spent on this project that come the end of it, I couldn’t get it done fast enough!  I knew it would be one of my very first completed projects.

So here, I introduce you to my very first throw pillow cover!

It cost all of $6 in wool to make, and it did take about two weeks.  I will publish the pattern on A Busy Mommy this week sometime, as I came up with it on my own.

It fits a 16 X 16 inch pillow form, and it’s super comfy.  My kids both want one for their beds now, so I can see myself knitting more of these.  Hello Christmas presents!

Now off to my next project!  I’m knitting sweaters!

What did you tackle this week?

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