I’m leaving for Italy in a few hours…


It’s almost 5 am, I’ve just written 10 posts and I haven’t been to bed.

My bags are only half packed and my plane leaves in 12 hours.

I’m going to catch a couple hours of sleep before I begin the oh-so-fun 9 hour red-eye flight to Amsterdam with 2 tired little girls, 1 of whom won’t have a seat because we wanted to save $800.

(Crazy us, I know… but she slipped in under that 2 year mark and well… that’s a lot of money to me. So I’m hoping for empty seats on the plane. )

From Amsterdam, we’ll hopefully make our connection and arrive in Venice a couple hours later. Rob’s parents will meet us there and drive us 45 minutes to their home in Treviso.

It will be a long journey, but well worth it once we arrive.

Julia is so excited to see her cousin Emily again. Here’s a photo of the last time they were together. Julia was the age that Sophia is now… 2 years old, Emily was only about 6 months old and Sophia was still in my belly.

Julia and Emily

I can’t wait to watch the three girls — Julia, Sophia and Emily — play together!


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    I can’t decide if I’m more impressed you wrote TEN posts or will be traveling potentially that long w/a baby in your lap. I don’t blame you, though…$800? You can have a whole lot of fun shopping in ITALY with the money you’re saving by a little family togetherness on the plane (keep that in mind;) ).

    Have a fabulous time…and I wouldn’t worry about that internet connection too much…sounds like you’ll have great distractions!

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    Good luck with the little one and getting an extra seat! Our little guy just slipped in under 2 (by a week!) when we went to Saudi Arabia in March from Seattle. On every flight we had extra seats except the last leg home from Paris to Seattle. That was exacerbated by the fact that Air France is not great at customer service… ugh!
    But I bet she sleeps for most of the way, especially on the way home if you’ve been busy on your vacation!

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    Have fun in Italy, Susan. I’ve always wanted to go there. Do you speak any Italian? Or does your husband? I hope you’ll take some pictures on your trip and share them with us. :)

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