Highlights Children Product Line Now Available at Target

As a busy mom, few things make me happier than finding a bit of alone time in my schedule. Like many moms, one of my favorite places to go sneak in some “me” time is at Target, and of course my favorite area is the See Spot Save dollar section. Who doesn’t love cute stuff and a good deal?

As a former educator, I am constantly on the look out for products and activities to engage my son at home. I’ve been a fan of the Highlights magazines since I was a child myself, and since my son has recently turned three, they have become a favorite go-to activity in our home. For a long time Highlights products have only been available as mail subscriptions, but I have some VERY exciting news.

What if I told you that Highlights is teaming up with Target to offer a Highlights product line in Target stores? Yes!

It gets better!

The new Highlights product line will include activity books with all of the quality poems, riddles, mazes, and Hidden Pictures Puzzles you’ve come to love about Highlights…and they will all be offered for only a dollar in the See Spot Save dollar section!

This new line of Highlights products is affordable, accessible, and portable. These mini activity books are great for traveling, use in the classroom, or engaging in educational activities at home. They would even make great birthday party favors!

One of my favorite things about this line is that there are activities appropriate for every age level. Children aged 0 to 12 will all find books that are developmentally appropriate and fun. Highlights makes it easy to choose the activity book right for your child by placing the age level on the front cover of each book.

I love that Highlights has teamed up with Target to offer these activity books. Combining the affordability of the Target See Spot Save section with the quality of Highlights products is the best idea since, well, alone time for Mom.

And of course the most compelling reason why you should head to Target to scoop some of these up right now? My three year old said, “Oh, this is so cool!” I couldn’t agree more.


Julia is a full time mommy and part time writer who thrives on Starbucks, chocolate, and toddler kisses. When she is not chasing a toddler around, you can find her at her personal blog, http://www.elatedexhaustion.com, or playing on Twitter @juliahembree.

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