Day 7 in our Disney Video Tour — Fun in the sun at Castaway Cay

Disney Tips - Disney Castaway Cay

Welcome to Day 7 in our 10 Days of Disney Video Tour.

Okay, Ladies… this is what life is all about… Fun in the sun at Disney Cruise Line’s exclusive island in the Bahamas — Castaway Cay!

I must go back!!!

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And in the nature of full disclosure… Disney paid for our trip and produced these videos. But as you can imagine, they certainly didn’t need to pay us to love and gush about Disney… that just comes naturally. :)

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  1. says

    Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I would love to go out on the aqua tricycles! They looked like a lot of fun. My girls would love the whale dig.

  2. Jen W says

    I have friends who did the cruise over the summer and had a fantastic time. I would love to be able to do this someday. I like the enclosed snorkeling area, what a great idea for the little ones. The island looks beautiful!

  3. says

    Ohh that first shot of the deck chair had me day dreaming about sitting with my feet in the water, the sun on my face and an icy cold drink in my hand just dreaming the day away without a care in the world!

  4. says

    I am a sun loving, cold drink enjoying, sunglasses wearing beach bum. I love all things beach related! Can’t wait to try this place out!

  5. says

    I LOVE jet skiing. LOVE massages! LOVE crystal clear water and beautiful beaches! LOVE bike rides–and I’ve never been on an island in the Bahamas. I’m sure I would LOVE ALL of it!!!!!!!

  6. says

    I have not been on a Disney Cruise however, I will be going on one. We have been wanting to take our children and grandchildren on a cruise. We want to have a family atmosphere for the little ones and we know that Disney will provide that.
    I would love to sit in the theater and watch the live performances with my grandchildren. We went on a cruise with another cruise line in 2000 and again this year with the same cruise line. Can you believe that the live show was exactly the same 9 years later????

  7. says

    I think we’d like the “family beach” best. My husband and I are not big into the “drop-your-kids-off-at-a-kids-club-while-on-vacation” thing. We much prefer to keep our girls with us, exploring the sights and sounds of faraway places together…

  8. says

    When we were at Castaway Cay I sat in the sand with my legs in the water while my daughter played around in the water. It was relaxing, beautiful and just so much fun for her.

  9. says

    When we went on the Disney Cruise, we really enjoyed the fact that we could go to the adults only beach in the morning while our youngest had fun with kids his own age doing lots of fun things, and our teenager spent the whole day swimming, biking, snorkling, etc. Then we met the little one for lunch, and went to the family beach so my son and I could swim together in the water, while The Hubs could take his afternoon nap. Just the whole day was…. well, MAGICAL!!! (Not to mention the photos… especially the one of my little on with Capn. Hook…. oh, the memories!!)

  10. Shawn C. says

    I’m daydreaming about the beautiful crystal blue water, sunny skies, sand…sounds wonderful!!!! I also love all the water activities!!! FUN!

    mainlandmama at gmail dot com


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