Day 6 in our Disney Video Tour — Dining Onboard The Disney Cruise Line

Disney Tips - Disney Cruise Line Dining

Welcome to Day 6 in our 10 Days of Disney Video Tour.

The dining experience on board the Disney Cruise Line is brilliantly unique and absolutely perfect for families, especially those traveling with young children.

See the complete list of videos at 10 Days of Disney video tour.

Or click on each below to enjoy the magic of Disney…

And in the nature of full disclosure… Disney paid for our trip and produced these videos. But as you can imagine, they certainly didn’t need to pay us to love and gush about Disney… that just comes naturally. :)


  1. says

    I love anything with chocolate, but one thing I can eat until I’m sick, is dirt cake. It’s not really a cake, but the way it’s made & displayed, kinda makes it look like a cake. It’s more of a pudding. So yummy!

  2. Michelle says

    My favorite dessert is most definitely cheesecake, but my favorite Disney dessert has to be the cupcake they brought my when I was there on my birthday :)

  3. says

    I love anything chocolate!! Cheesecakes, regular cakes, mousses…
    I had the most amazing chocolate concoction in a restaurant out east (Nova Scotia) 6+ years ago but the place has since been taken out by a storm LOL

  4. sara loud says

    very hard to choose my favorite dessert but I think it has to be premium ice cream with caramel or butterscotch sauce

  5. says

    Oh my goodness… I have to pick just one!?! I am a huge cupcake fan, so I would have to say a big chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting! Yummy and pretty!!!

  6. says

    Cheesecake. With a cup of good coffee.
    Or strawberry shortcake.
    Or even a brownie with vanilla ice cream!
    Actually there are more “favorites” than I can list. :-)

  7. says

    I love anything chocolate, but when we were on the DCL, both me and the kids ADORED the fact that we could get ice cream anytime we wanted. We would usually get the swirled chocolate/vanilla in a cone and eat it on deck by the pool. MMM just thinking about it brings back memories, and makes me miss both the ship and my boys…

  8. says

    I’m not sure I have a favorite: pumpkin pie cake (which I’ll have to post before Thanksgiving), warm fudgy brownies, cheesecake, homemade blackberry cobbler, just to name a few.

  9. says

    We went on a cruise for our honeymoon (with Princess cruise line) and the food was absolutely phenomenal. It sounds like the food on Disney’s cruises is equally delicious.

    My favorite dessert? I think I’ll say cheesecake, although ice cream probably takes a close “second place.”

  10. Shawn C. says

    I LOVE desserts! My top few faves (haha) are Tiramisu, creme brulee, and anyting chocolate! Yummy!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com


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