4 Simple Tips to Detox Your Home

Is your home safe, or are cabinets filled with dangerous substances?  Top makers of household products are working to reduce unsafe chemicals in popular home and body products. One of the most important things you can do for your family is to detox your home but where do you begin?

Here are 4 simple tips to detox your home:


Tip 1:  Make Small and Steady Changes

Start by changing only one thing at a time.  The easiest change is replacing cleaning products with natural cleaners.  Laundry, floor cleaners, and furniture spray can easily be replaced with natural products for cleaning, such as soap nuts for detergent and lemon blend or diluted white vinegar as cleaner.  Crunchy Betty is a website that has great recipes to clean anything, most of them based on food or natural products.  You’ll save a lot of money too!

Tip 2:  Do Your Homework

Did you know that lip gloss often contains a dangerous form of petroleum?  Or that aluminum, which may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, is a main component of many deodorants?  I have been studying this topic for years and one resource I trust for this information is the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that works to protect public health by sharing information like unsafe ingredients.

Tip 3:  Read Labels

Most people read food labels, but you should always look at ingredients and learn what they are.  Just because it’s a complex word doesn’t make it toxic.  This is an area where the EWG website can come in handy!  It will tell you if that scary sounding compound is really just a plant name in Latin, or if it’s something you should worry about.


Tip 4:  Make a Long Term Plan for Bigger Steps

As you become more educated on what’s safe and what’s not, start planning bigger changes.  For example, we plan on getting a whole house water filter.  We have a filtered pitcher and a filter inside our refrigerator, so this is the next step but it takes planning and a financial commitment.  We’re taking time to save money and research products that fit.  Other areas you may want to clean up are changing out aluminum and nonstick cookware, greening up your lawn care, and switching to organic foods.

These steps sound complicated, but every little change will help you detox your home and protect your family.


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    Great tips! I really appreciate the links too. I’m very careful about the food I purchase, but need to take a closer look at some of the cleaners I use.

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