Tackle It Tuesday: Household Budget

Our family has never been the budget friendly type. Impulse purchases and energy directed on things that are not priorities have left us with very little savings. Our bills are paid each month, our credit cards paid off – but the end of the month also marks the end of the money.  So as one of our major goals of 2013 is to buy a house (with help), I have decided to track all of our spending.

I have tried to do this before. I always kept a notebook in my purse, and for a week at a time it would work great. But after that I would slack off – I would forget to write down this or that… and eventually, my tracking just wasn’t accurate. So I would toss out the notebook and be done with it.

With more motivation, with more need-to-know, for the month of January I’ve kept track of every last little purchase and bit of income that our family has made. Being a waitress, much of my income is cash (you know that paper/plastic like stuff that people used to use to purchase everything they need) and tips are easy to make, easy to spend, and easy to forget about.

The app that I use to track everything is simply called Budget and is available for $0.99 in the app store. But there are many apps available to help you along your financial journey. You do have to manually add everything in but since it on your phone, which is likely already in your hand anyway, it just takes a few simple clicks.

I was able to customize my main screen for exactly what I spend money on: set up regular monthly payments to automatically post, set up budgets for each category, and I can even have special budgets for vacations or trips… which just happens to be perfect for my Saving For Disney challenge that I have given myself.

Budgeting Categories

Expense Categories: Groceries, Rent, Oil, Power, Cable/Internet/Phone, Clothing, DH’s art (he’s a painter and he’s building a guitar), Knitting, Gas, Household, Life Insurance, Restaurants, Treats for kids, Video games and Savings.

Income Categories:  Wages, Tips, Online Income, and Child Tax.

I have to tell you, keeping track of everything, every last little thing has been a real eye opener.  I can tell you that in the month of January our family spent $680 in groceries!!!  I never, ever would have imagined that we spend THAT much!   My goal for February is to cut that in half and not feel like we’re going without.

That is going to take some real work…using my coupons more effectively and meal planning will become a must. Also, getting two or three meals out of one.

If you have any suggestions as to how I can reduce our grocery bill, please, feel free to share them in a comment below! With two growing boys I can use all the help I can get!

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    I’m been trying to do better with our grocery budget, as well! One easy change for me has been buying fewer snack foods — Goldfish, Cheez-Its, etc. Hopefully we’ll be healthier too, choosing something like a piece of fruit or a few nuts for a snack instead of all that expensive processed stuff!

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    We save money by making a hearty side dish and serving it with different meats throughout the week. For example, I’ll make a large batch of brocolli rice casserole. Monday and Tuesday we’ll eat it with chicken. We might skip a day, and then eat the last of the casserole with precooked turkey from the freezer. It’s cheaper than eating out and convenient. Good luck with your budget!

  3. says

    Include leftovers in each dinner. You have one less dish to make plus you’re less likely to waste the food.

    Also, if you don’t think the family will eat something again that week, package it up and put it in the freezer for another time. You’ll have a meal ready to go if you need it, rather than relying on fast food.

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    Ah yes the grocery bill. Pesonally i ALWAYS meal plan, and shop from the weekly flyers. I get my meat when it’s on sale and freeze it. The crock pot is also a great way to use cheaper cuts of meat,because of the slow cooking process they turn out tender. Only buy what you are going to need for the week that way there is no waste, and i always make one meal a week that is meatless. Good luck with the budget.

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    Major things I consider were the groceries/supplies and our bills (telephone, electricity, etc…). I know it’s mind-blowing but I need to fit them all and make sure that there will always be at least an amount left for our savings. My husband is helping me too, how? He reduced his vices.

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    Yes snack food is usually the culprit. I find it better to planned out all my meals also and just concentrate on that list. or else i’m in trouble. Only purchase what you are going to need for the week that way there is no waste, and i always make one meal a week that is plain veggies.

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