5 Easy Tips for the New Year

January is a time to set new goals for the year, truly a new beginning. It’s a fresh start – a time to put everything into perspective, get organized and make plans.

There are some simple, easy things that should probably be on everyone’s goal list for the new year – and for every year! Here are 5 easy tips for the New Year.

1. Exercise

After the holidays, you’ll see an influx of new members at the gym but already dwindling by the end of January. Get back into an exercise routine and stick with a well thought out plan!  Don’t overdo it in the beginning – pace yourself and set realistic goals, otherwise you’ll be one of those making excuses in a few weeks.

2. Eat Well

I don’t believe in fad diets – most people end up putting the weight back on, sometimes even more. It really is as simple as eating healthy and portion control.  You CAN eat everything you want – in moderation of course. Don’t forget to take a good quality multi-vitamin also.

3. Think Positive

Turn that frown upside down! Happiness is a state of mind and how you look at the world – through rose-coloured glasses – is definitely better than being a cranky pants.

4. Get Your Sleep

Sleep is super important for so many health reasons – it’s restorative for the brain for memory, hormones, energy and concentration. When you don’t get enough sleep, your creativity, mood regulation and productivity all suffer.

5. Have Fun

Get together with friends, set up weekly or monthly date nights with your partner, join a book club – do what brings you joy while socializing with people you love.

Wishing you all the best in love, happiness and health in 2013!


  1. says

    Love these tips :) Being realistic is also very important – setting your goals way up high is always good but one should remember about not setting them up TOO high. It can be very discouraging in the beginning…
    I def have to get more sleep and have more fun but sometimes I think it’s impossible with the little ones around! :)

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