Join Our Most Important SnazL Stories Party!

I’m so excited to announce our next SnazL Stories Party… This Thursday, Sept 3rd at 2 pm Eastern we are going to be talking about…

Building bridges between the Special Needs community and the typical needs parenting community.

I have such a passion for our sister site 5 Minutes for Special Needs — it is my FAVORITE site! And I really believe that we all have so much to learn by coming together and bringing these communities together.

The SnazL for the party is below… you can embed this SnazL on your own site or come back and join the fun here. We’ll be adding content to this SnazL and you can add your own photos and videos before the party starts or during the party.

Please join this important conversation!

To get us started talking, I’ve started three new conversation threads at Say It Face To Face. If you add a reply there, I will add it for you into the SnazL.

Bringing typical kids and kids with special needs together.
Have you participated in the online special needs community?
Parenting a child with special needs? What do you want everyone else to know?

If you are new to SnazL, you can get a feel by watching our earlier SnazL parties, you can find them at:

Week 1: Welcome To Our SnazL Birthday Party
Week 2: SnazL – Blogging Tips
Week 3: SnazL – Online Friendships
Week 4: Vacationing with Kids!

This Thursday, at 2 pm EST, for this important and enlightening discussion and celebration of the special needs community.

Remember… You can watch and interact with the SnazL here or co-host on your own site.

If you want to co-host the event, you can simply copy the SnazL embed code into a post on your own site so that people can watch and interact on your site.

snazl-5m4m-200pixWe love Snazl so much, we are participating in Snazl Stories, an eight week long series showcasing the interactive partying that Snazl makes possible.

Snazl Stories
is presented by e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Skimbaco Lifestyle and features eight bloggers: Consumer Queen, Extraordinary Mommy, Mommy Niri, Role Mommy, STYLEMOM, The Domestic Diva, and us, 5 Minutes for Mom.

Each of us will host weekly live shows for our communities to participate, interact, and party Snazl style — and each featured SnazL Story will be live broadcasted simultaneously at, and

How Can YOU participate?

Everyone can be an active part of a Snazl party. You can be as involved as you want to be! You can participate by chatting live via text, (you can come in your jammies, no worries.) If you want to get more involved, you can add your videos and photos to the Snazl during the live shows. You can also co-host the party by embedding the Snazl on your site. Yes, you don’t even have to come over here. You can host the SAME Snazl party from YOUR site! And if you really want to dive into the fun, you can host your very own SnazL Story! (And then the contest fun really begins!)

Yes, the best SnazLer of each week will win a FLIP video camera and the best SnazLer from August 10 until September 25th will win all expenses paid trip to New York City to co-host an e.l.f. Cosmetics party with me, Katja Presnal, at Affinia Hotel in October.

Each week we will also feature people from the community and their SnazL Stories!

Snazl Stories Contests!

BE CROWNED A ROCKSTAR SNAZLER! Win love (on 10 different top sites), an iPod Touch, and more…

Each SnazL Stories week runs from Saturday to Friday, and during that time the 8 featured bloggers, e.l.f. Cosmetics, SnazL and Skimbaco will be keeping an eye for the Rockstar SnazLers and their best SnazL Stories.

Each week three SnazLers from the community will be chosen as the weekly Rockstar SnazLers for having the best SnazL Story, and one will be picked as a Weekly Winner, and win an iPod Touch. All three Rockstar SnazLers will be featured on 10 different top sites- the 8 featured bloggers, e.l.f. Cosmetics, SnazL AND Skimbaco Lifestyle sites!

Three Rockstar SnazLers will be picked each week until September 27th until will have 21 finalists. We will pick the winner from the 21 and announce who it is on September 30th during our live show. The winner will be flown to New York City and will get many surprises during their trip and co-host an e.l.f. Cosmetic party with Katja Presnal at Affinia Hotel on October 6th.

How will we determine the “best”? The combination of these characteristics:
1. Your community’s involvement – how many people are attending your party and the conversation.
2. Your content – how good of a collection of videos, pictures, and audio you have and how they reflect your party theme.
3. Fun factor – forget about six flags – let’s make these parties worth at least.. seven flags!

For more on Snazl Stories, you can head over to Katja Presnal’s site, Skimbaco Lifestyle.

To Recap

Meet us here, Thursday at 2pm Eastern, for our live, interactive Snazl party. OR grab the embed code and stay at your site to party with us.

Add video, images, drawings etc to the Snazl yourself or just watch and chat live. Whatever you want!

But don’t leave all the Snazling to us! Make your own Snazl parties and WIN!!!

See you in the Snazl!

Okay, let’s get this discussion started now at Say It Face To Face and then we’ll copy your video (saved on YouTube) replies from there into the SnazL for you and we can all continue chatting live on Thursday at 2 pm Eastern.

Bringing typical kids and kids with special needs together.
Have you participated in the online special needs community?
Parenting a child with special needs? What do you want everyone else to know?

Respond here now.


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