Time to Feast — Decadent Dining in Walt Disney World’s New Fantasyland

Entering Walt Disney World’s spectacular new expansion, New Fantasyland, is truly like stepping out of this world and into a Disney-spun fairytale. As you make your way through the Enchanted Forest and the Storybook Circus, you aren’t just visiting attractions, browsing for gifts, or filling up your belly, you are becoming part of your beloved Disney stories and places, experiencing the magic that only Disney can create.


When it comes to dining in New Fantasyland, Disney’s immersive storytelling experience will sweep you away into the French countryside of Beauty and the Beast and a land of French-inspired cuisine. (And, to match this authentic meal, you can even have a glass of French wine or Belgian beer if you feel so inclined. Yes, this is a first in the Magic Kingdom!)

Be Our Guest

As you walk through the wrought-iron gates, crossing the stone bridge lined with beastly statues, you realize you are not just about to have a meal, you are about to dine in the Beast’s castle.


Indeed, perched in the mountains above Be Our Guest, is the Beast’s castle. And every detail of the experience, from the entrance, to the halls, to the food, to the servers, reinforces the storytelling. Take time to tour the halls, catching all the wonderful details and adornments. You will see mosaics, paintings, statues, tapestries, and suits of armor.

Make sure you look up when you enter the ballroom at Be Our Guest Restaurant. The stunning 20-foot ceiling is adorned with white clouds and cherubs, and features sparkling chandeliers that will make you feel like you should be twirling around in the ballroom of the “Beauty and the Beast.”


And if your little girl loves music boxes, just wait until she eyes this 7 feet tall music box centerpiece with Belle and the Beast slowly spinning in the Rose Gallery, the dining room where guests can indulge in French-inspired cuisine with a quick-service lunch!


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Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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