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ScottBlogRemember Janice told you how I’ve been moonlighting over at Scott Common Sense?

(And if you follow my Facebook profile, you’ll realize it really has been moonlighting since I do much of my writing in the middle of the night.)

Well, our friends over at Scott Common Sense have a gift for a couple of you.

scottnaturalsnapkinsOne lucky winner will receive a $100 Gift Card and Gift Bag and the second will receive a Gift Bag. The Gift Bags will be full of products from their new Scott Naturals Line.

If you’d like to win, just leave us a comment with a tip/idea/suggestion for adding a bit of Green to your life.

We’ll announce the winner here on Saturday, September 19th.

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  1. peggy1116 says

    Hang your clothes out on the line,they smell so good and save on electricity and when you was ,wash in cold water.

  2. rhondabrand says

    I'd love to win. We're going green here a little at a time.
    Cutting baby wipes in half is a good idea to decrease waste. We also recycle everything under the sun.

  3. April1p says

    Best green tip I can recommend is if your are into gardening start a compost barrel for your yard or keep a small composter in your kitchen. Food waste you throw away can become wonderful fertilizer for your plants.

  4. says

    Here's a few: Turn your sprinklers off when its raining. I see so many people running their sprinklers when it's been raining on a regular basis, sometimes WHILE it's raining! Use reusable containers for your children's school lunches – get rid of all the sandwich bags and juice boxes.

  5. Linda says

    I love cleaning! Wish I had more time for it. Use vinegar and warm water to clean your hardwood floors and windows. Best clean you will see.

  6. heathererbe says

    We have changed all our light bulbs in our house to compact florescent ones. It saves a lot on our electric bill.

  7. says

    We have given up paper plates and cups to try to help the environment more. I also have a ton of reusable bags now that I use when shopping. Now if I could only remember to bring them in to the store each and every time ha ha

  8. mattschmunk says

    We're being more green by using reusable bags when we go to the grocery stores. It seems they often hold more, are more sturdy, and we don't waste the plastic bags every time.

    mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

  9. selenem says

    We recycle everything we can. I use cloth bags when shopping. I'm trying to use washable cloths instead of grabbing paper towels. We properly dispose of any hazardous waste, electronic equipment, etc.

    kg4rmt at arrl dot net

  10. says

    I recycle EVERYTHING. Newspapers, Bottles, cans, cups, jars, you name it.. and i make sure Hubby and my daughter do too!
    I also make my own cleaner from Vinegar (a Tbs in quart of water) in a spray bottle! Use this on Window and Mirrors! Then wipe dry with newspapers! YUP, there is something in the print that gets mirror streakfree CLEAN! Works like a charm!

  11. says

    Find your local farmers market for fresh local produce. Especially good in the summer time and early fall! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. Jingle says

    We have purchased various containers for lunches and leftovers and other things and virtually eliminated the use of plastic baggies! I am excited because this was a more difficult change for us, but I am glad to have done it!

  13. says

    There are several things. We wash in cold water. We hang dry most of our clothes. We are improving our recycling system. We turn lights off all the time and use reusable items for eating, shopping, etc. whenever possible.

    What a cool giveaway!

  14. says

    We are big recyclers at our house. It has become a habit for all of us. We also try to reuse things (bags, clothes, shoes, etc) as much as possible. I could sure use the $100 gift card!

  15. 86debsmith says

    Great Give Away! I use the toilet wpies, they are great! Things we do here are signing up for paperless billing on everything, CFL bulbs, using our own bags at the store. The most benfical thing I do is making all our cleaners and laundry soap. Easy on the earth our clothes and the old wallet! We all win then. Thanks!

  16. pattymarie says

    Going Green for our family mostly entails finding ways to reuse or recycle anything we can. My husband loves to salvage materials for his building and home improvement projects. Our fence is salvaged wood, our walking path in the backyard salvaged brick, and almost all of our furniture is recycled from family or friends or made by him from reclaimed barn wood. We spent next to nothing on all of these things, kept them from going to the dump, and our house and yard benefit greatly!

  17. katiekarr says

    Install a rain barrel to catch roof runoff for watering plants. Green for conservation and green from your lovely plants!

  18. katnjim1221 says

    We buy items that are made of recycled products. They work just as good as the stuff not made from recycled products. We also conserve water as much as possible, and we have a garden.

  19. twoundertwo says

    We carpool to work together every day! It saves the environment buy using less gas, and we also save MONEY! YEAH!

  20. margaretsmith says

    We no longer use the single serve plastic water bottles. Instead, we use the stainless steel reusable bottles.
    wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much.

  21. says

    I use a vinegar water solution, or baking soda and water paste for a lot of my kitchen cleaning. No chemicals, all natural.

    I try to use recyclable products when and where I can.
    We also recycle everything that leaves this house, garbage wise, and also use the return from those bottles and cans (when we have them) to use to save for something fun for the whole house.

    I also have a cup that is BPA free that I reuse for my daily water intake (so no plastic water bottles)

  22. says

    My favorite 'green' tip are to actually use those reusable totes for grocery stores. Once you get in the habit of bringing them in, it becomes a must. I get frustrated with myself now if I forget to bring them in.

  23. Cee says

    Not practical for everyone, but I recommend washing by hand for smaller households, and then line-drying. Companies like Lehmans offer electricity-free washers, and you'll save so much on energy costs, plus get a workout to boot!

  24. Stephanie V. says

    opps- forgot my tip – buy everyone in your house stainless steel water bottles to stop the plasitc bottle abuse!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  25. Hurdler4eva says

    I have been buying more and more of my food from the local farmer's market. This is a great and tasty way to go green!

  26. Pat B says

    Reusable grocery totes, and taking my coffee to work every day – think of all the styrofoam cups I'm not using!

  27. alycep says

    I always analyze my errand car trips to make them as efficient as possible-I try to make as many stops in one trip and take the shortest route to avoid going out more often and wasting gas.

  28. kathywood says

    We burn any paper trash. We live in the country so we are allowed. It cuts what we contribute to the landfills by at least half!

  29. tawnda says

    I recycle everything I can… and reuse alot of the bottles or jars that I buy. Pay attention to how companies package their products… if it's flat-out wasteful, I get a real sour taste in my mouth about their product line(s).

  30. lostinthemission says

    It's the little things that count. I get some of my food from a farmer's auction. I save money, and get healthier produce. Also, using green products as often as possible. If it's only a little more in cost then it is worth it.

  31. bettycd says

    I'm using microfiber cloths for cleaning. With only water, its amazing how well they clean the glass cooking top, the messy microwave and other kitchen appliances. They go thru the wash and get used again and again. This is reducing the need for cleansers and paper towels.
    Found microfiber cloths for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, and even the car in the dollar store.

  32. Whitney says

    Although it isnt possible for every errand, we try to walk more…to the grocery (where we can only buy what we carry home, in reusable bags) and on errands around town. Not only does it save gas, but we get some exercise in as well.

  33. rebeccaisthrilledbythethought says

    We don't have recycling where I live, so I really had no idea how to go about doing it. But we have started by saving all paper (esp. junk mail) and taking it to a paper/recycling dumpster. Cuts our trash down SO MUCH!

  34. Jessica Maurer says

    Instead of purchasing water bottles all the time, buy a few aluminum water bottles at a sports store. You can reuse them day after day & you're not using up all those plastic bottles anymore.

  35. namefail says

    it would be of great assistance if all the Churches would start a re-cycling center at the church….this would also provide jobs for young people to earn and learn. if all the members would bring their recycles, it would greatly enhance the reuse of some things….I/e newspapers, aluminum,,,glass or anything that would raise funds. also,,,it would greatly benefit the americn people if the current administration would install a national deposit law including bottled water,,etc.

  36. Tina J says

    Wash your clothes in cold water. It costs to much to run hot water. Also as always do laundry after 7 to save energy!

  37. Erica C. says

    Make recycling fun for the kids but letting them decorate the different containers. Keep the house feeling cooler but getting fun/funky curtains to keep the heat to a minimum.

  38. says

    I love this post! This is why I started my blog! If you want to add a little bit of green to your day . . . .

    Use cloth napkins instead of paper or rags for paper towels (we still have paper towels for disgusting messes). Place a basket in your kitchen. When it gets full, wash it!

    Make your own cleaning solution. It is so simple!

  39. pamelacallahan says

    There are several “green” activities that we do – we changed out all of our lightbulbs – we recycle everything – we use re-usable shopping bags instead of plastic. My goal is to get a “hybrid” vehicle!

  40. says

    My suggestion would be to invest in a water purification system or a water pitcher. Not only will it help you to save money on water but it will also help to save the planet by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that land in our landfills each year. : )

  41. crygibb says

    Vinegar has helped us go green. I buy a big container, and it is a lot cheaper than buying all these other chemicals that I end up not being happy with.

  42. Ellen C. says

    We try to repurpose as much as possible. We also buy our vegetables from local farm stands. Thanks for the chance.

  43. jalapenomama says

    Most important – I recycle everything possible.
    For example I had lots of canning jars.
    I kept them until I found someone who could use them.

  44. denise says

    We use our own reuseable bags for the grocery store and buy eco-friendly cleaners.


  45. cneiding says

    everytime you are throwing something away ask yourself if you could have used something different that would have been reuseable or ask if it could be recycled instead

  46. Carol G says

    I recycle whatever I can–this includes donating items that I can't use to Goodwill. Most of my reading comes from the library or from swapping books online.

  47. ctcouponchic says

    I try to wash all of my clothes in one day so I can conserve energy with my dryer if I am not hanging the clothes outside. When the dryer is already hot from using it consecutively, it uses less energy :)

  48. jenswps says

    We use natural plant based cleaners as much as possible to cut down on toxic chemicals. We also don't buy plastic disposable water bottles.

  49. Carol W. says

    I am more conscious of turning off the water when brushing teeth and only turning it on when I actually need the water.

  50. penguin28 says

    To add a bit of green to your life, try to eliminate all baggies, plastic wrap, foil, paper plates, anything disposible. Each week try to eliminate using at least one disposible item from your home.

  51. mickeyfan says

    In addition to things like recycling plastic, glass, etc…I'm having a clothing exchange for my friends. We'll get “new” (to us) clothes from each other and get rid of things we no longer want with no guilt!

  52. joannieME says

    We hang our clothes to dry, recycle magazines, unplug electronics when not in use, eat what's in season, and don't use paper plates and cups.

  53. says

    If you're not going to use cloth napkins then only use half of a paper napkin per person to reduce waste. I also cut fabric sheets in half and sometimes paper towels.

  54. lisalo says

    Adding a bit of green to my life.
    Tossing spinach leaves into the salad and also
    getting one of those “green” lightbulbs too.

  55. Jacob says

    Make a game out of how fast you can clean yourself. This can limit shower times and save money as well as water usage

  56. nad1010 says

    We recycle whenever possible and do not drink bottled water anymore to reduce the amount of plastic filling our landfills.

  57. Allison Wilson says

    My tip for adding a little green to your life is to walk or ride a bike whenever possible instead of taking your car.

  58. angie says

    Using cloths instead of paper towels, washing in cold water, buying recycled products, and only leaving the light on in the room that you are in.

  59. dglitter says

    We changed out most of our lightbulbs to the curlicue kind almost 3 years ago-we have not had a single burn-out yet! Amazing, since before, we were always changing lightbulbs. Thank you!

  60. Lindsay says

    We got these special surge protectors that have on/off switches. I plug in all of our stuff that we don't use on a regular basis (video game consuls, vcr, dvd player) and I keep it turned off when it's not in use. Since electronics drain energy when plugged in even when you're not using them, this is a really easy way to turn them all off.

  61. lavonnelong says

    I have actually been buying recycled toilet paper at costco for quite cheap. I like it. I will have to check out this Scotts at the store and see how it compares. We also use water bottles not diposable, that has made a big difference.

  62. mom2maya says

    I think the envirosax/Joey sacs are a great idea for saving on using plastic bags at retail stores. I carry three that easily fit in my purse – to help eliminate “bagnesia” because I frequently forget to bring them with me!

  63. says

    Use reusable containers for packing lunches instead of baggies. My son loves all the special little containers we bought him and it's so much better for the environment.

  64. Julie says

    We used to buy bottled water all the time. Now we don't. I have several water bottles that I use. We also are recycling our newspapers and magazines.

  65. Elkaye says

    Learn to enjoy cold showers. It's not so bad, especially if you live in an area that is constantly hot.


  66. teresal says

    I am trying very hard to convert to Green. I recycle cans and plastics. I save on electricity by hanging clothes out, turning off lights, and I turn off anything that is not being used and unplug them. I walk whenever I can to avoid driving and using gas. Its taking some time to adjust but Im getting there.

  67. rondadoug says

    I take reuseable bags to the store and I also try to walk to the store instead of driving. I only turn on the dishwasher if it is full and I always only wash full loads of laundry in cold water.

  68. Kim says

    I started using paperless billing, I no longer use paper plates or cups, changed all the light bulbs in the house and I take reusable bags to the grocery store!

  69. tascher25 says

    We now try to keep our air up to 80* and use fans. We live in las vegas so if we can do it everyone can !

  70. randycur0962 says

    Recycle your cans and plastics, it'll help your community and planet…plus it's easy to do and makes you feel good knowing you're doing your part to help save our planet for future generations.

  71. carolerossi says

    I have always done everything green –raised on a farm–I don't understand all the green hype–it should come naturally. Reuse, turn off, recycle, don't use harsh chemicals.

  72. lastnerve says

    We have a Kuerig coffee machine and those little cups we put in there, we recycle and use once again. Kuerig actually makes a lid that goes on top so they are reuseable. I know it's nothing big but it is recycling though.


  73. Tina12312 says

    The best advice I have is to compost and recycle. It's amazing how much does not go out to the trash in our house now. Thank you!

  74. Smokeysmom says

    Change out your lightbulbs to the Energy Savings bulbs, I did. Use recyclable containers for school/work lunches instead of plastic wrap, foil and plastic baggies, and use Baking Soda as a carpet freshener-just sprinkle it on your carpets and vacuum as usual. Baking Soda is a great all purpose cleaner, too:)

  75. Kate says

    My favorite way to add Green to my life is through organic house plants. Some are natural air cleaners – much more effective than those electric contraptions people buy. Plus I grow herbs for cooking – fresh and healthy.

  76. betsyw says

    I try to walk or bike to the grocery store whenever possible. It limits how much I buy to whatever fits in my backpack, and it saves gas and limits my car use.

  77. spitfyr323 says

    Get rid of all your toxic cleaners and invest in Seventh Generation products. They work well, smell great and are wonderful for the environment. Win-win-win!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  78. barbarawr says

    Everybody has reusable bags these days; not everyone uses them. Get the ones that fold up very small and fit into your purse. Then you will ALWAYS have them when you need them because you need your purse to pay for whatever you buy.

  79. Alicia Webster says

    We use only cloth napkins, and lunch bags made out of fabric. We have three small children, so if we are going to be on the road for any length of time, we pack a lunch or snack, so that we are not tempted to buy fast food. And we always bring sippy cups and water bottles also, so that we don't get thirsty and have to stop and buy a drink.

  80. cstironkat says

    I no longer use paper plates, napkins or towels. Microfiber cloth cleans great with only a little water so it needs no chemicals. I also use filtered water and I no longer need bottled.

  81. lorieshewbridge says

    We try very hard to recycle everything that we can, and try to buy products that are made from recycled materials.
    Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway.

  82. TXsunlover says

    We added green to our lives this year by planting our first veggie garden! It was so fun to watch everything grow and it all tasted so fresh and good.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. NCBelle36 says

    I don't use harsh chemicals for cleaning house. I use a vinegar and water mix for cleaning. Not only does it do an excellent job cleaning but it also smells good afterward.

  84. mscoffee77 says

    I recycle cereal boxes, milk jugs, junk mail, whatever I can. There's a recycle drop off close to my house so I have no excuse;)


  85. cynthiac says

    I invested in a steam floor mop. It cleans and sterilizes with nothing but water and the pads are washable and reusable. I'm very happy with it.

  86. mckim says

    Not real original, but I have started taking reusable bags to the grocery store. I also recycle our aluminum cans and newspapers and magazines.

  87. Danny says

    My tip is that I purchase free range chicken and eggs. I would rather be vegan but I'm realistic about my limitations and purchasing chicken products that are more environmentally sustainable and animal friendly (as friendly as it can be) makes me feel a little better.

  88. gmerrell says

    I was surprised to learn that there are a lot of green lawn care items. You can make your own compost, but you can also buy fertilizer and weed killer that is natural and doesn't introduce chemicals tot he environment. This is great for growing your own veggies without harse chemicals

  89. Jan says

    We've been trying to live with our air conditioner down lower and our water heater set lower as well. Any little bit we can do to cut down on our energy usage.

  90. sarahhirsch says

    One thing I just started doing is reusing paper towels. If I dry my hands off on a paper towel in the kitchen, I save it, and later use it to wipe down counters or something else.

  91. Lindz says

    We use natural cleaning products. They work just as well and its that much fewer chemcials that my family is exposed to. I got over my addiction to the smell of bleach being the only smell of a clean house and have embraced a healthier environment!

  92. says

    the green im ready to incorporate into my life is to buy only frm whole food and ive already switched many of my appliances and my lightbulbs, i also use recycle bank, but i plan to make a total switch soon, and my husband is obsessed with putting up solar panels, who knows? he might get aorund to doing it one day!

  93. lisaduffy says

    In addition to recycling, buying products that have been made from recycled and reclaimed materials is a good way to start.

  94. Mary M. says

    I reuse practically everything. I buy almost all of my clothing and househould items used. By doing that I am keeping things out of the landfills and not overconsuming.

  95. LillyLillyLilly says

    I own Another Brand of all-in-one printer, and even though that brand is supposed to be one of the best, I've had nothing but problems with it. The paper feed is the worst! I have to shove a piece of paper into it every time because it just won't feed by itself.

  96. says

    Let's see. Here are 8 ways we “add green” to our life:

    1. We recycle.
    2. We try to keep lights off when unnecessary.
    3. We walk as much as possible,
    4. I breastfeed.
    5. We buy locally-grown, organic produce whenever available.
    6. We try to make homemade meals and snacks as opposed to buying processed, individually packed products.
    7. We buy and sell used items on CraigsList.
    8. We drive a car that gets great gas mileage.

  97. Jacqueline Matuza says

    Eat more vegetarian meals, even reducing meat intake reduces the burden that raising cattle, etc put on the environment
    jackiesweeps at aol dot com

  98. says

    I have been trying to re purpose some of my things rather than throw them away. For example, instead of throwing away coffee cans I use them for craft projects with my toddler.

  99. mail4rosey says

    My tip is to watch the packaging you buy at the store. If you look a little you can almost always find a comparable product in better pkg. for less.

  100. denice p says

    i'd have to say for going green, is to try to carpool when ever possible. it saves so much gas and doesn't pollute as much. :-0

  101. Betty C says

    I try to do most of my shopping on the way to or from work. I shop at a 24 hour supermarket and when I shop late at night after work (I get off at midnight) the store is less crowded and I save gas by not making a special trip.

  102. Nancy says

    Use canvas grocery bags. My local stores have actually been giving them away and they give me 5 cents credit every time I re-use them.

  103. R Hicks says

    We do all of the common things when it comes to going green. This year we built a compost pile to toss food scraps, clippings, and anything else organic. Mulch comes in handy later on

  104. Pamela S says

    We’ve been trying to cut down on using disposable paper products such as paper towel, napkins, etc. We’ve been trying to replace them with more reusable products. But I’d love to try these!! Thanks so much!

  105. Isaac A. says

    I hope to win the gift card, my green tip is recycle cans and bottles, and use canvas bags at the grocery store instead of plastic bags.

  106. Dillon says

    We changed all of our standard light bulbs out to compact fluorescent ones. I like the fact that not only is it more “green” but we have to replace the bulbs a lot less and since that’s one of my least favorite chores its win win!

  107. Greg says

    We’ve cut down on a lot of our activities that required a lot of gas. We used to take our jeep out 4-wheeling most weekends. We would go through a 30 gallon tank for 1 day of fun. That got to be way too expensive and just such a waste so we definitely cut out activities like that.


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