Say It Forward – Week 31

Say It Forward

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Say It Forward – Week 31: Today’s loyal commentor is Jen from One Mom’s World.

Jen Many of you are already familiar with Jen for the fabulous technical support she provides for us here at 5 Minutes for Mom. But there is more to Jen than just a fabulous web supporter. A work at home mom to two young girls, Jen wears many hats (figuratively of course – though I imagine that there are times when she probably rocks a fantastically sassy hat, literally). Jen is a web designer, does client support and, according to her, “just about anything that involves computers.” In addition to her day job, Jen maintains her fabulous blog where she writes about anything from fantastic bargains, to weight loss, to funny things kids say and everything in between.

In addition to her addictive writing style, Jen also vlogs, giving us a much deeper peek into her life and who she is. You can see her fun and informative videos here.

Jen describes herself this way: I have been on this blogging train since August 2005 which is going on 4 years. I have no plans to retire the train back to the station anytime soon. Blogging has become a big part of my day. Usually, you will find me blogging about this parenting journey I am on which can be at times a roller coaster. I will say though it is a roller coaster that I never want to get off of.

Recently I decided to let loose of 50 pounds that have been riding pretty securely to my body for the last four years. I am now working towards the last 20 pounds that is firmly planted, but they are getting looser by the day. I love to vlog about my easy recipes that has helped me let loose of this weight for once and for all. I know moms don’t have a lot of time in the evenings to put a detailed spread on the table, but I will show you how to in 30 minutes or less.

Also, you will see me Vlogging about that inner creative side that is hiding in you. Our kids do not expect us to be the next great artist in Paris, they just like to have fun with us. So, I will show you easy craft ideas that you can bring out that creative side and help take care of the “Mommy, I am bored” blues!

I have been known to get a TV for $24.00 brand new, a whole wardrobe of clothes for my daughter for $30.00 and new pair of Nike Shows for my husband for $8.00. My motto is “Never pay full price for anything.” So watch out for the videos on how you can get in on these big savings too!

So moms come along for the journey!

Thank you, Jen, for the support and encouragement you provide to us here at 5 Minutes for Mom and for the wonderful information you provide for your readers. We appreciate you!

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  1. janice5minutesformom says

    Jen – you are one busy woman!!! I am always so grateful when you take the time to comment. THANKS for being a part of 5m4m!!!

  2. DandelionDayz says

    I just met Jen at a mom mixer this past week and I have to say that she is one of the nicest women, I've met. We probably could have talked for hours! So glad to see her featured here!