Our SnazL Stories party about Vacationing With Kids

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who joined our live SnazL party.
If you missed the live event, you can still watch the SnazL below.

Let’s have fun partying and gabbing about the good, the bad
and the funny of vacationing
with kids

The SnazL for the party is below… you can embed this SnazL on your
own site or come back and join the fun here. We’ll be adding content
to this SnazL and you can add your own photos and videos before the
party starts or during the party.

Remember… You can watch and interact with the SnazL here or co-host
on your own site.

If you want to co-host the event, you can simply copy the SnazL embed
code into a post on your own site so that people can watch and
interact on your site.

You can ALSO join
the “Vacationing with Kids” conversation
over at Say It Face To
Face. And if you reply there with a video (saved on YouTube), we can
add that video to our SnazL party for you.

Talk soon!