ZoomAlbum Photo Book Kits

Today, I made a pocket sized photo book — from start to finish, right here at home!

zoomalbum-boxA few months ago, when I was at Startup Princess, I met Ellen from ZoomAlbums. I fell in love with her pocket sized, print at home, photo books. They were just so cute!

Ellen was kind enough to send me some to sample and today I finally made a ZoomAlbum with photos from our trip to Disney World. It was super easy and quick — although I am sure the next one I make will go so much faster now that I know what I am doing.

Making My Zoom Album

To get started making my photo book, I headed over to www.zoomalbum.com to download the software. A strange glitch on their site made the download feature not work for me. But no worries, I called their support line, and they emailed me a direct link. (I love companies who have live, telephone support!)

After I got the software working, I began creating my album. First, I selected the twelve photos I wanted in my photo book.


That was easy! Selecting and moving the photos is as simple as clicking and dragging.

After I selected the layout I wanted — I chose plain white borders with no frame — it was time to position my photos. Again, super easy.


I didn’t want to add any text to my album pages, so I moved right past that step. I was ready to start printing…


The print preview allows you to make sure everything is just as you want it. And of course there are help menus along the way for us newbies. I made sure to study up HOW to actually make this print correctly!

If you are wondering why some photos are upside down, that is because when you are finished printing, you will fold it up and ta da — a book with photos on each page.

The printing went perfectly for the album pages and I was ready to do the cover.


It was a bit harder to choose the perfect photo for the cover since I needed to have a shot that fit for both the back and front of the album. Once I had the photo selected, I positioned it, added a title and got ready to print.

But, printing the cover wasn’t as easy. My HP printer didn’t like the odd size. But ZoomAlbum warns us about HPs issues with their product and suggests that we tape the cover onto a legal size piece of paper and then feed it into the printer. The first time I did that it jammed, but the second time I added even more tape and it worked!

Then all I had to do was follow the very helpful instructions on the back of the photo sheets and fold up my book.

YES, it was as easy as that! And so much fun!

Here is a short YouTube video of me with my finished ZoomAlbum.

Perfect for any time of year — and especially Back to School

These handy little books are ideal any time of year. But since it is back to school time, what a perfect product to use to celebrate your summer!

A “What I Did This Summer” book for your children to take to school would be a great project to do together with your kids. Or you could make up a set of albums that cover all your summer vacations. Once you make one, I promise you won’t want to stop!

WIN a Set!

If you want to win a set of ZoomAlbum Pocket Sized Photo Books, enter to win here by leaving a comment telling us what kind of photo book you want to make first. Do you want to make one for your purse that shows off photos of your kids? Are your summer vacation photos the perfect shots? Or do you want to make a “What I Did This Summer” book for your kids?

This giveaway open to both US and Canadian shipping addresses, and is part of our 2009 Back To School Giveaway Event. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter (US and Canadian addresses) and, please, be sure to read our Back To School Giveaway rules.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder, Janice


  1. crygibb says

    How cute! I never saw these little books before. I think making one s for the purse would be a great gift for the grandparents, as they live out of state and dont see the kids very often. Be a great way to keep them close.

  2. jessicabrammer says

    Sounds like a cute idea. I would make one with all the extended family so my boys could look at it and put a face to all the “aunt….” “uncle…” etc.

  3. chrissyrae says

    Mmmm….yummo!!! Would love to make one for son and d-i-l to celebrate their one year anniversary…married on the beach…how cool to add phrases to their gorgeous pics!!!

  4. amyfinerthings says

    How fun! These would be perfect to keep my 2yo busy (and quiet!) at church. I think I'd make a “summer fun” book first.

  5. Ellen C. says

    I'd like to make a book about my son's first visit to Disney World. i think it would be perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  6. says

    That looks so cool. I would like to make one too. I have not seen my family in over four years. And in September my husband & I (and also my husband's parents & brothers) are finally traveling to Belarus so they can meet my family. I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures with my family and my newly acquired family and friends I have not seen in years and my almost 80-year old grandma.

  7. says

    This is so cute. I have never seen a photo book this small. I think I would choose to make one for each grandma in our family. They love to show off pictures of my kids and this is a nice, compact way to do that. Great idea!

  8. says

    omigosh! This is such a great idea! I love it! I love taking pictures of my little one and hate carrying around a photo album! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. organizingmommy says

    I would just make a mini book that highlighted certain things going on around here.

  10. talonsmom731 says

    I would love to make a photo book filled with pictures of my son's years in school. I always take pictures the first day of school, get school pictures made and take pictures at class holiday parties.

  11. sweetserendiptiy says

    I earned an extra entry with today's newsletter 😀
    melissa b rich at gmail dot com

  12. sweetserendiptiy says

    I'd love one of our summer vacation pics!
    melissa b rich at gmail dot com

  13. says

    I love the purse idea. It would be so great to have one that has pictures of my kids, my stepson ad my guy and I. That would be so cute…

  14. zippieee says

    I would love one for photos of my family. My 2 year old can look at it during church to help keep her 'Busy”.

  15. says

    5M4G button's on sidebar

    ***Please delete my duplicate entry of “5M4M newletter” I got an error msg and I thought it didn't go thru. So I entered it again. Thanks :) ***

  16. Adele Jones says

    I would like to make several photo books, one of my grandson and one of my Hawaii vacation.

  17. Lindsay says

    I would love to have this to make a book to carry in my purse of my hubby, my family, the pets, so i could just glance down while I'm out and be able to smile!

  18. says

    I'd love to make a book of our summer for my little one. That way he could remember all the “adventures” we went on!

  19. susanlanai says

    A little take along book in my purse or grandma's purse sounds perfect for our first project!

  20. jalapenomama says

    I'd make a special Zoom Album of my granddaughters.
    I'd take this everywhere with me to show off!
    Proud Grandma!

  21. LindaKish says

    My daughter in law loves photography. She would probably start with a book of her and my son then move on to the dogs, then the cats, then zoo animals. She would love these.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  22. sunnyview99 says

    I'd like to make one that features my daughter for my purse. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Smokeysmom says

    I've been promising my sister that I'd make a baby brag book for her of her first (and only) grandchild, but I haven't come across any small albums that I liked. This sounds perfect. I've never done digital scrapbooking before, but this sounds so easy. I'd love to try it out:)


  24. kaywolter says

    I need to learn this I only have one Son and I am 5 years behind…wow would also be great to give Birth Mother for gifts

  25. says

    I would like to mkae several. We have our new ddaughter so I have tons of cute pictures of her, plus our two granddaughters. But, what I will make our first one of is our daughter through her current pregnancy, showing her each month. Thanks!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy