Checking In With the Sisters – Christmas Traditions from Our Home, to Yours

Lolli here…

Today is the first day of December, and I am so excited to pull out all of my Christmas decorations and start playing all of my Christmas music (yes, my husband is a stickler about waiting until December to start our Christmas celebrations…I guess it’s just one more of our holiday traditions, then!).

I was so excited to find this post at our sister site, 5 Minutes for Faith, about Christmas traditions. I can’t wait to hear about everyone else’s traditions this season!

Introducing – Christmas Traditions from Our Home, to Yours

Do you begin listening to Christmas music on a specific day each year?
Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Do you enjoy a real or artificial tree? With multi-color or white lights?
Do you chart the season with an Advent calendar or wreath?

So much of our celebrating of Christmas is wrapped up with the ribbon of traditions. They become a part of us. Some we cherish. Others we laugh at. Some we take into marriage. Others we leave behind.

One thing is certain . . . traditions are an important part of Christmas. It’s never too late to add a new ritual, because traditions are our memory makers.

During the month of December the team at 5 Minutes for Faith is going to share its most treasured Christmas traditions. You’re not going to want to miss a single post . . .

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom writer, Lolli. You can find Lolli blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.


  1. Kathy says

    We do the classic Elf on a Shelf but this year we’re giving it a twist. We’re taking pics and creating a digital scrapbook that we can share with other family far away so they can participate and enjoy. We found this service called Lifeables (free) so it is pretty easy to create and share.

  2. says

    Yes Christmas is both exciting and nostalgic because of traditions. Christmas carols, gifts, families, foods, glittery lights and decors all comes into mind when reading this post. I am particularly interested on how one family uses Christmas cards they receive throughout the year. Thanks. I’m looking forward to your coming posts.

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