5 Items Every Traveling Blogger Needs

I became a first time traveling blogger this year. Never in my life have I visited other parts of the U.S.A. before because of what I do online. However, just in the past few months, doors have opened up, and I have been to New York, LA, Chicago, Tennessee, and I am (fingers crossed) going to go to Dallas in early 2013.

Being a traveling blogger now instead of just a stay-at home blogger has me scrambling many times and scratching my head about what to take with me. For that reason, I used my Best Buy Gifts That Do Wishlist to create this checklist of 5 items every traveling blogger needs. These items can totally come in handy whether you are heading out to the latest conference, or if you are on a press trip. These items are must haves if you ask me!

1. Stylish Carry On Bag

I cannot tell you how many times I have wagged my purse, my laptop, my suitcase, and another bag onto the plane (yes I have to be very sneaky because I am only supposed to take two carry on items on, so I try to combine my purse and laptop bag. For this reason, I am totally snagging me this gorgeous Samsonite Carrying Case.  It looks to have all the room I need as well as functionality, so I can unload my purse essentials into this bag, cram my magazines, phone, laptop, and more in here and only walk on board with one bag plus my suitcase!


2. Your Own Headphones

I appreciate the headphones that the airlines provide for movie watching entertainment, but I often wonder when they clean those things. For my next flight to LA (coming up in February) I am going to be taking my own with me and these Bose headphones fit that bill perfectly. These will definitely come in handy for listening to music and also for movie watching on my Ipad.


3. Every Traveling Blogger Must Have Stylish Hair

Okay, so maybe not, but I do NOT like to go anywhere with my hair messy, and if you are anything like me, my hair needs some TLC after a long flight (those airline seats do not do our hair any favors ladies.) I have asked my hubby to get me this really neat Conair Flat Iron for Christmas ( I even sent him pictures so he knows exactly which one to get me.) It heats up in seconds and allows me plenty of time to refresh my hair before meeting up with other bloggers or clients.


4. A Great Camera for Taking Pictures

One thing I learned when I visited New York was that without the right camera, you will NOT get the great shots. I was so frustrated because I knew I could take good photos, but all I had at the time was a small point and shoot. I missed a ton of great shots. Thankfully the ladies I was with shared some of their photos with me. This year however, Santa is bringing me a DSLR camera because I have been a good girl and I need one for my blogging. Best Buy has a great selection of DSLR type equipment, but my favorite one is the Nikon D5100 with extra zoom lens.


5. Solar Powered Battery Charger

I cannot tell you how many times my battery has run out on me when I am in the middle of a trip. Of course, it always runs out when I am not around a wall unit or car where I can plug in. This handy little solar powered charger will keep me from running out of juice from here on out!

Check out the 5 Minutes for Mom Gifts That Do wishlist for more ideas on items for you, your home, and your blogging business.

What would you add to your wish list? We’d love to hear about it. Share yours in the comments below.

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    Good list but you left off one critical item no traveler should be without…a dose pack of Hybrid CR Rapid Immune Defense. Nothing ruins a fun trip faster than arriving at your destination under the weather. A must have in any carry on!

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