Music Ace Deluxe

This afternoon, as I am working on my laptop at the kitchen table, my seven year old son Jackson is sitting next to me, his laptop playing pitches as he moves his mouse to the matching note on the keyboard on the screen. He is using an interactive music program called Music Ace Deluxe that we were sent to review.


While Jackson listens intently and plays the games, “Maestro Max” lends encouragement and direction — with an Austrian accent of course!

music-ace-deluxe-boxJackson has been in piano lessons since he was five and so I was happy to accept a review copy of Music Ace Deluxe. Jackson will be continuing his lessons of course, but Music Ace is a perfect complement to his traditional lessons.

I figured using Jackson’s love of computer games to help reinforce his music lessons would be a brilliant idea.

Now that Jackson is using the program, he is enjoying it. However, it took awhile to convince him to try it. Apparently the back of the box with its keyboards and staffs didn’t seem as exciting as his video games. So when I suggested he try out his virtual music lessons this summer, he sighed, “Moooom… no… it looks boring…” and made a run for his X Box or DS.

I was a bit discouraged to say the least. I spend a small fortune on his piano lessons. This computer program can do a ton to compliment that investment.

Finally I cornered him and loaded on the software.

I think he was surprised at how much he did like the program. It can’t compete with dueling light sabers of course, but the fun games that accompany the lessons are a hit with him. (The only problem is he wants to skip the lessons and get to the games. But once he realized that he can’t get high scores on the games without learning from the lessons, he makes sure to do the lessons first.)

I hope I can keep Jackson committed to finishing the entire program. And I will definitely use it for Olivia as well when she is old enough. (The software can track the progress of 10 family members and is designed for kids 6 and older.)

It is fantastic to have another method of teaching music to my kids. And I think Music Ace Deluxe offers creative ways to effectively teach children.

There are three learning environments in Harmonic Vision’s Music Ace Deluxe program.


First, there are 36 lessons that introduce and reinforce a series of musical concepts — rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening and the keyboard.


Second, there are 36 games that reinforce the materials in the lessons. The games are colorful and fun and reward the student with an “applause screen” for an exceptional game.


Finally, there is the Music Doodle Pad that lets students notate familiar runs and construct arrangements. Students can also listen to short pieces or compose their own! Up to six sounds, or timbres, can be combined to create fully realized compositions and orchestrations.

Music Ace Deluxe, the game-type Windows and Mac-compatible CD-ROM, is available directly from Harmonic Vision, for the MSRP of $79.95. But it is also available from other online sources such as Amazon, and for $44.99.

If your child is interested in learning more about music or if you would like a computer program to complement their traditional lessons, enter here to win a copy of Music Ace Deluxe.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder, Janice


  1. foursillysisters says

    Even though my girls are still a bit too young for this program, I don't think it would gather dust here waiting for them to be old enough to use it. I'm sure my hubby would love to check it out. Over the past year he has taught himself to play the guitar by ear… and using the aid of free info on the internet. He would love to learn how to read music and this sounds like a fun way to do that.

  2. aimee c says

    my son is 3yo & he has already started fiddling on our keyboard & figuring out how to play songs all on his own. this program would be wonderful for him!

  3. rebeccaisthrilledbythethought says

    I'll have to check this out. I'm a piano teacher, and always looking for these types of things for my students.

  4. Lollipopsandlipgloss says

    I'm trying to enrich what my kids get at school by teaching some music things at home. I'm tone deaf. My singing is horrible and when I tried to play instrument, our dog howled. I need help. This looks like what I need!

  5. says

    As a homeschooling mother and a step-mom to a child who is just starting orchestra at his middle school, this software is very appealing!

  6. Adele Jones says

    My grandson is showing a lot of interest in music. This program sounds like it would help.

  7. Joseph says

    I have wanted to learn to play the piano for years, the Music Ace Deluxe software would be a great item for me to learn the basics, then pass down to my Neice and Nephews.

  8. susanlanai says

    This sounds like a wonderful program. My little one just loves music and to learn more about it will only help him more and more!

  9. idahomom says

    Neither my husband or I have any musical talents, my son wants to play so maybe this could get him started.

  10. cinni says

    I've been looking for something for my son, and this sounds like a great program – I'm definitely going to check it out.

  11. christinejensen says

    This sounds like an amazing program! I have one taking piano right now and will have another starting in the next year or so!

  12. SeahorseLady says

    I have 3 nieces that would enjoy this since they love music. They could have lots of fun learning and playing with this great tool.

  13. says

    This looks like a really good program for young kids. We've been looking for a music curriculum/music software for a while now and haven't been able to settle on anything. This looks like it would really work for us!

    badgermomma (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. nikkis says

    My daughter is learning piano as well, and this would be a nice addition to her understanding.

  15. Kristie says

    I would really like to get my kids into music and this looks like it would be a great help!