Ice Age: Continental Drift Comes out on Blu-Ray December 11

The wee ones (and I) are fans of the Ice Age movies.  We’ve seen each of them, including the Christmas special.  The most recent edition, Ice Age: Continental Drift, holds a special place in our heart, though.  When Mister Man wanted to do a movie for his birthday party in October, he was crushed to learn that it was no longer in theaters – and not yet out on Blu-Ray.

Shhh, don’t tell him, but we’re hosting an Ice Age movie party at our house before the movie is officially released.

Have you not seen it yet?  In Ice Age: Continental Drift, Manny, Diego, and Sid are afloat on the ocean as a floe has broken off from their home.  The run into pirates and other sea creatures on their quest to make it back to their home.  All your old favorites appear in the movie, and some new characters are introduced – some of whom I hope will be in the next movie, too.  The same character voices continue in this version, making for a seamless transition, and Scrat’s constant search for his acorn adds to the fun.  And yes, the movie has a ton of bonus features from singing and dancing like a pirate to a coloring app in the Blu-Ray mode and more.

I’m excited!  I can’t wait to see it again, and I have my fingers crossed that all the children we invite will be thrilled to watch it and will sit quietly enough to let me watch it, too.

Contintental Drift comes out December 11 (Blu-Ray 3D $49.99, Blu-Ray $39.99, and DVD $29.99), so we’re having our party on December 9.  I’ve already sent out the invite, and a couple moms have already told me their kids are beyond excited to see it (again) before everyone else!

We’ll have our sleeping bags laid out on the family room floor with plenty of pillows and our couches available, too, so that everyone can enjoy the movie.  My husband has been prepped that he needs to make a few big bowls of popcorn for everyone. That’s a tradition for our movies – the homemade popcorn popped on the stove in our giant metal bowl.  And of course, we have to have snacks.  Animal crackers are a no brainer, right? And I think I’m going to make round pizzas for the kids and then pull them apart like the continents drifting.

We love sharing our movie nights with our friends, and this party promises to be one of the best since the Ice Age: Continental Drift won’t be available for another two days after our party. That just makes it all the more special.

Since we know not everyone will show up at the same time, we have some activities planned – from allowing the kids to create their own pizzas with toppings to activity sheets that they can complete.  Even more fun? You can download the activity sheets yourself.

Before we host our party, we’ll be heading to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg where there is a huge Ice Age Palace (and at other Taubman shopping centers across the country).  The Ice Palaces have already opened and offer a 30 foot ice dome with falling snow, a light show, and the characters from Ice Age.

Admission to the Ice Palaces is free, and it includes a visit with Santa and a special Ice Age gift.  I know the wee ones will enjoy measuring their  heights against Diego and Sid, and the interactive globes showcasing Scrat on his quest for his acorn sound entertaining, too.

So what do you think?  Will everyone enjoy the buildup to the Ice Age: Continental Drift party?

Create your own excitement before it is released to Blu-Ray on December 11 with the printable sheets and visiting an Ice Palace if there’s one near you.  Then, check back to see how our party went!


In the interest of full disclosure, I will be provided with a gift card to purchase food and decorations for the party.  I will also receive a copy of the DVD prior to its release date.  As always, all opinions expressed remain my own.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributor Michelle who shouldn’t be quite this geeked out by a movie, but is.  She will always be a child at heart.  See what else tickles her fancy at her blog Honest & Truly! or follow her on Twitter where she is also @HonestAndTruly.


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