Say It Forward – Week 30

Say It Forward

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Say It Forward – Week 30: This week’s loyal commentor comes from the other side of the world. Grace, from Sandier Pastures writes and maintains her blog from the desert beauty that is Dubai!Grace

Born in the Phillipines, Grace moved to Japan at 19 to study and ended falling in love with the country and making her home there. In January, 2007, however, Grace and her husband, along with their young daughter, embarked on a new and exciting journey when she was offered a job in Dubai. Embracing life with gusto and setting out on a new adventure, Grace and her family relocated to the “Sandier Pastures” of the United Arab Emirates.

As she explained in this interview, Grace was not looking to move to Dubai, but the opportunity seemed too good to pass up, and with a desire to provide their daughter with a more solid, western education, Grace decided to take up life as an expatriate.

Life is exciting in the desert. Like the rare moments when the rain rolls in, or learning to drive in the dense traffice of a fast expanding metropolitan, or simply penning observations after 5 months of desert living.

Grace describes herself this way: I am a blogging expat mom in the city that is galloping into the 21st century with break-neck speed.

Formerly living in Japan. Dished Japanese books, former university friends, the Japanese corporate working style and sushi for the promise of unending Dubai sunshine and experience living in a multi-cultural hotpot.

Currently having some complaints with the desert life but so far having a grand time.

In addition to keeping up with Grace’s adventures through her blog, you can experience the beauty of her surroundings visually through her fantastic photo blog.

Thank you, Grace, for taking time to educate and inform us, your readers, about the beauty of this faraway land.

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  1. grace_sandierpastures says

    Oh my God. I am surprised!! Thank you very much! I am a very big fan of your blog and hope to meet both of you in real life! :-)

  2. says

    This is my first Say It Forward read… I'm impressed! Congratulations, Grace, I can see why you were selected.
    Janice, met you at Startup Princess and your guidance and knowledge has helped! Soon to launch my own website, but in the meantime, I look forward to delving into more 5M4M!