Holiday Gift Guide Link Up


‘Tis the season for Gift Guides!

We’ve published our Gift Guideand the rest of the blogosphere is also blooming with fabulous Holiday shopping suggestions and we’re here to help bring them all together.

If your gift guide is already published, add the link to the linky list at the bottom of this post.

Home For the Holidays eBook

Also, we have created a 50-page FREE eBook featuring a festive collection of recipes, crafts, homemaking ideas and more from our talented blogging readership.

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Add Your Gift Guide Link Here

If you’ve posted a gift guide on your blog, add the url to the linky list below.



  1. says

    Hi Susan,
    I saw your post on Twitter regarding holiday gift guides, only I missed the guide part. I am a journalist and children’s book author. My series uses magic carpet adventures to teach kids to be kind and I wanted to share them as gift ideas, plus I thought the secreet coded jewelry from Style Newport would be nice for your followers so I added it too.

    Once I realized you wanted gift guides I tried to take it down but cannot so I at least wanted to apologize. However I will be writing an article on Holiday shopping and will include that page as a link.

    Again I am so sorry I was so excited when I saw holiday gifts I did not fully read.
    However I look forward to now following you on Twitter
    Laura Clarizio

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