Tackle It Tuesday: Let It Snow!

Tackle It Tuesday

On Monday morning, I woke up to a winter wonderland. Our first official snow fall of the season.

It started Sunday when I was awaken early morning by my husband – he knows that snow makes me smile.  I know, I’m one of the few. When I wake up to a yard full of fresh snow I can’t help but smile. All looks clean, and white, and fresh… My favourite time of the year.

I immediately got the kids up and though my eldest son refused to get out of bed, William and I headed out to play in the powder for 45 minutes… all before breakfast. The next morning, I was shocked to see that it had snowed even more over night!

I quickly came to realize that I needed to come up with hats, cloves, mittens, snow pants, boots and a winter coat. Until now, our weather has been mild but winter kind of blind sided us. So I ran around the house looking in all my stash away spots for the necessities, and sent Ben off to school fully dressed for the weather, without worry of receiving a note home that kids need to be dressed for the weather…phew.

I don’t like stress, I especially don’t like it in the mornings.  So once I was able to sit and have my coffee, I decided that we needed a system for the winter wear.  My house does not have a coat closet (I can hear you all gasping…) and this will be our first full winter here.  We moved in in February of this year, and dealt with very little snow after we were settled.

So the problem:  Where am I going to put winter coats, scarves, mitts, hats, boots, shoes, sneakers, and snow pants for 4 people so that they are easily accessible, but so the place doesn’t look like a closet threw up.  And here is what I came up with.


Ultimately, I’m going to end up straightening this space up a few times a day but at least it’s a place where everything has a home. Hooks for coats and snow pants, rack for shoes and boots, basket for scarves, mitts and hats.

Now I’m off to the store to buy five pair of gloves for each kid… red for one kid, green for the other. And all matching! (That way there is always a pair of matching gloves).

Has winter hit you yet?

What are you tackling this week?

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    I just came across your website and I love the idea of Tackle It Tuesday. I have an eternal to do list; most items with due dates that get crossed off.

    There are the lurking crowd at the bottom that have no due dates, and never get crossed off… until now maybe!!

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    That is a cute spot. Keep in mind that wet boots drip down. You might want to change that a bit. We don’t have a closet either. We hung things up in the garage but to much whining about how cold everything was. Good coats went in bedrooms or in a storage room in the basement. Finally hubby hung hooks down in the maintance room. There it is warm for coats to dry but we have a drainage system for the house so boots can drip right into the hole. Problem solved. But then I knew this awhile ago, it was just getting hubby to put up the hooks. I swear that man finds way to many things to do.

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    I did my tackle it tuesday yesterday while i was home. Same thing here, we got a dusting of snow and i needed to organise the winter stuff again. I had purchased 2 cloth bins from the dollar store but had yet to organize them. One is now labelled hats and gloves the other now has scarves and caps. The boot tray came out and the spring/summer jackets went downstairs in our basement. We keep our off season outer wear down there. We have a small area for our coats so always keep just what is needed in that area.

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