Checking In With the Sisters – Power Outage

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My 8 day extended family vacation is rolling to an end this morning. As sad as I am for vacation to end, I am eager to get back home–to my own bed, my own kitchen full of the foods that I need, and my own computer desk.

As wonderful as family vacation is, as many family memories as we make together, and as much fun as we have had at the theme parks this week, nothing compares to the conveniences that I enjoy at home.

Just a few weeks ago, before our family trip, Super Storm Sandy threatened our area. The news stations were all warning us to prepare for the worst…most likely, we would have multiple day power outages. We charged our electronics, got as much computer work done as we could, and waited for the storm to pass.

We waited and waited. The storm passed, and our power was still on. A miracle! We are usually not so lucky…

Here’s a wonderful post from 5 Minutes for Faith‘s writer and editor Barbie.

Power Outage

Tonight as I was preparing to start a load of laundry (the never-ending saga), our power went out. Although we only lost power for a few moments, I was reminded of a night a couple of years ago when we experienced a power outage that lasted for over an hour.
Whenever the power would go out in previous years, my children would tend to get fearful. They didn’t like that they could not see, and would always scramble around looking for flash lights. But since it was not yet completely dark outside on this particular night, they were able to see enough to find their way around. As dad went out for a bite to eat, the kids and I settled into the living room. I folded laundry by lantern, and my crew kept themselves occupied with a game of strategy with Star Wars Miniatures…

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