Mom’s Favorite Gift – A Photo Book of Artwork from Years Past
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My kids are now 18 and 14. I still cannot believe that my youngest is now a grown man. Boy– how those times have flown by. In fact, just the other day we were looking through scrapbooks and on the inside pages, I have stuffed years and years of sweet little drawings from my children. Just looking back over those handmade cards and art work made me get all teary eyed.

As we sat there going over all their artwork from Kindergarten through just last year, my daughter said — “Mom, these would be great in a photo album all their own, but some of them look like there fading. Can we scan them into the computer or take pictures of them and create a photo book of them that way to keep them from tearing and stuff?”

Then I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas!

This gift that my daughter just described would be one I could cherish as a mother for years to come. When my son and daughter are grown and have families of their own, I can set my grandchildren down with this wonderful keepsake and show them just how talented and thoughtful their momma and daddy was!

Lulu is here to help create the perfect holiday gift for any mom! photo books are great gifts to give all your family and friends this holiday season.

  • Do you have a coach that you need a gift for? – a photo book of your kid’s little league team would make a great gift.
  • Do you have a foodie lover in your life who has been pining for Grandma’s recipes?  – a photo book of grandma’s best dishes with the recipes posted below them would make another great gift idea.
  • Did you enjoy going with family members on a special vacation? – a photo book of your family vacation will surely do the trick!
  • And last but not least is the perfect gift for any mom who keeps all her child’s artwork (like myself) — a photo book of you child’s artwork

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Now — which kind of photo book will you create this holiday season?

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