No Need To Fight the Crowds for a Great Deal Makes THE Perfect Gift

by Jennifer Sikora

I have a hard time picking gifts for family members. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to clothing, so I don’t buy those. Not everyone likes to be given kitchen gadgets (those that don’t cook as much might get offended), and I honestly hate giving gift cards. To me, they seem impersonal.

I want to give something that says to the recipient — you are important to me. So what can one give that says these things? How about a personalized calendar or photo book from is the place to beat ‘mall madness’ and ‘cyber psychosis’ this holiday season because here imagination is never out of stock. While others are scrambling to fight for the best deal, you can be assured that has YOUR gift in mind and will help you create a beautiful photo book to give to someone this holiday season.’s Black Friday Deal

Starting on Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday, Nov. 23-27, Lulu will offer 51% off calendars and 30% off everything else site-wide, including their famed photo books. For Black Friday, there’s no longer any need to assemble the usual survival kit: body armor, a unicycle to make parking easier and “War and Peace” to read while waiting in endless lines. For Cyber Monday, there’s no more danger of surfing the Web, clicking ‘buy now’ and then discovering that your prize present is ‘out of stock.’


4 reasons why a photo book or calendar would make the perfect gift.

  • When you create a calendar or photo book, you’re not competing with another shopper to grab it first.  Instead, you’re creating something beautiful and unique. Something you KNOW will spark smiles year round. And something you can create in for the comfort of your own home.
  • The process is incredibly easy. If you can post a pic on Facebook or include an attachment in an email, you can create a Lulu calendar or photo book — it’s that simple.  All in less time than it takes to drive to the mall and back.
  • The product is high quality. It makes a strong first impression and, just as importantly, it lasts. You can trust Lulu. The company that pioneered open publishing has been in business for 10 years and successfully helped millions of customers.
  • You have everything you need — your imagination and your photos. Studies show we’re snapping more pictures than ever. Now’s the time to liberate them from your iPhone or hard drive by creating a Lulu photo book or calendar.

Which would you choose to create as the perfect gift?

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1 kellyAnn November 21, 2012 at 10:56 am

Yes i agree with you but i guess flowers bring smile to your celeberations!with a colorful harvest of fresh flowers, unique centerpieces and truly original gifts and you can share wonder of the season with family and friends! so if you agree with me just click here.


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