How to Create the Most Beautiful Holiday Card

I love holiday cards. They have changed so much since the old traditional Christmas cards of the 70’s and 80’s. No longer do we have the Santa cards, but now we can create beautiful holiday photo cards with just the click of a button.

But what makes a holiday card really stand out?

I took some time and did some research to find out how to create the most beautiful holiday card and here is what I discovered.

  • Backdrops: One thing that I really love about holiday photos is it actually looking like a holiday photo. Try taking your photo downtown in front of the city Christmas tree (those are usually up by Thanksgiving), or find a house that is decorated beautifully and take your photo there. You can also decorate your mantle with holiday decorations and take your photos in front of your beautiful mantle. Wherever you take your photo, just make sure that make it look seasonally festive! You do not want to send a beach picture during the Christmas season.
  • Matching Outfits: Pictures always look more uniform and professional if you try to at least all have on the same matching color. Some families get creative and everyone wears the same holiday shirt. Either option is okay. By choosing this option, your photo will look like you took the time and put thought into your holiday photo.
  • Build a creative background online: Once you have created your gorgeous photo and are satisfied with it, you can use sites like to print your holiday card out. With thousands of holiday designs (for every occasion) to choose from, your holiday photo will be ready to send in no time! Each of their modern holiday photo cards is fully customizable with your favorite family photo and personalized greeting. You can choose one photo or pick one of their multi photo holiday cards to showcase all your family photos. All of these holiday photo cards are available on your choice of thick Signature paper, 100% recycled Premium paper, or Pearlescent paper. is one of my favorite places to create beautiful holiday greeting cards. They are professional quality and really do a great job of showing off your favorite seasonal photos.

Make an Inspirational Board and Win Some Really Cool Prizes

Minted has a great contest going right now. If you create an Inspiration board and submit it to them you can win some great prizes.


$200 each. Awarded each Sunday through 11/25.

  • Most favorites
  • Editors’ pick
  • Random drawing


$1,000 to spend on Minted. Editors’ Pick for most beautiful Board to be announced December 2, 2012.

Awards will be announced on Minted’s Facebook Page

Which design would you choose?

We are working together with Minted to show families just how easy it is to create beautiful holiday photo cards. All opinions listed are our own.


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