Kenmore Blogging Summit Cooking Competition Heats Up

The energy on Saturday morning for the 2012 Kenmore Holiday Blogger Summit was electric. During breakfast we could feel that something big was going to happen. At least I did. I had no idea what was in store.

When the words team lead and competition go together, now I know to expect something fun and completely different at the same time.

Kenmore Cooking Competition Blogger Summit Team

The first cooking competition of the day involved our team having just a few minutes to pick one meat and two sides. Our team chose chicken, lemon, and onion. Next, the team leads selected one knife out of a knife block, which determined the direction of the dish we were to make. Ours was Latino.

Quickly the team leads were assembled together and the rest of the teammates were ushered out of the cooking part of the studio. Only then were we told what would happen next. We had five minutes to start a dish with just the ingredients we chose. There was no time to collaborate on what to make.

Coleman organic chicken with lemons and onion

Next thing I knew the timer started and I was standing in a kitchen. Alone. For five minutes. My task was to start our team’s dish. Did I mention that I am not a cook?

One little important fact to take note. There was a video camera recording my every move. Not just a handheld tiny camera. A studio camera used professionally, with one of those fuzzy microphones. The entire five minutes.

Cooking utensils and supplies with Kenmore stand mixer

Turns out the biggest challenge for me was finally facing a gas stove for the first time. Thankfully I figured out how to light it before the five minutes were up so the onions could start cooking. If you are like me and have never used a gas stove before, the Kenmore gas stove was amazing.

When the timer finished I was ushered out of the room so my heart could begin beating again and the next teammate was brought into the kitchen. They had five minutes to continue the dish from where I left off.

Chocolate Bacon Brioche

As I stood in a room filled with Craftsman tools, I texted my husband to tell him of the insane relay competition and his response was hilarious. “What did you do in a kitchen by yourself for five minutes?”

The relay style cooking continued with each teammate until the dish was complete. They had no idea what the previous person added or the direction to take with the dish. The nail biting moments ended at first glance of our finished dish. My team rocked Citrus Chili Chicken and it was plated beautifully.

Kenmore Judges Brian Jochum, Cristina Cordova, and Kari Karch

The taste testing portion was agonizing as every facial movement, eyebrow raise, and nod of the head was analyzed and totally confirmed the intense competition. Brian Jochum, Cristina Cordova, and Kari Karch were the official judges.

Drum roll please…{watch the video reveal of the winner}

The winner of the relay solo cooking competition was The Fab 5, which was my team! We won the very first competition of the day and had I been in any other position other than the first person to cook there is no way in this world our team would have won.

Watching the timed cooking shows on tv are fun, but actually being on one is an entirely different experience. An experience I am so grateful for.

Disclosure: I attended the 2012 Kenmore Holiday Blogger Summit in Chicago as their guest, with all expenses paid as a representative for 5 Minutes for Mom. My heart was beyond blessed by this amazing experience.

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