Drinking Water With Style (Giveaway)

Some children squeal with excitement when they receive a new toy, new clothing or an adorable little puppy. My children squeal with excitement when they receive a new water bottle. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy those other things as well, but, to them, there is something magical about a new container to drink their water from. The squeals were in full-force when I pulled the pink and turquoise Contigo AUTOSPOUT Striker Water Bottles from their packages last week.

Little did Contigo know that they had sent me the two favorite colors of my two older girls, so when each girl spotted their bottle, it was like they’d just spotted Santa’s gifts under the Christmas tree. Immediately, they begged to use them.

The first thing I noticed about the water bottles (aside from the fact that they were stylish, bright and beautiful) was that they were solid in structure, which is essential for a kids water bottle, considering how often they drop almost everything. After giving the bottles a warm soapy wash, I filled each with ice and water and did my usual “flip trick” to check its leak status, since these drinks often head into our car with us. When I flipped it upside-down, not one drop fell out, even with the spout in open position. Already a “win” in my book.

Some other features of the Striker Water Bottle that I loved were:

– The patent-pending AUTOSPOUT lid, which is easy to sip from and comes with a cover that keeps it protected when not in use.
– The one-touch button that my girls could easily open with one hand.
– That it’s 100% FDA-approved and BPA-free.
– It can be washed safely in the top rack of the dishwasher.
– It holds 14 oz. of liquid, which is a great gauge for how much water they’re drinking.
– There is an easy-grab hook handle for the girls’ tiny hands to hang on to when they take it with us on the road.
– They fit perfectly in the cup-holders in our car.
– The pieces disassemble easily for cleaning, while staying in place when in use.
– The product notes ages 3 and up, but even my 22 month-old had no problem operating or drinking from it.

The Striker Water Bottles have come everywhere with us since receiving them.

(Note the matching clothing colors to their bottles. Also note the garden gnome hat, but that’s an entirely different story.) 

We love these water bottles! Of all the cups, canteens and bottles we own, my girls ask for their Contigo Striker Bottles every time they want water. Even if it’s while they’re sitting at the dinner table each night.


To learn more about all the other fantastic line of bottles at Contigo, visit their Facebook Page or find them on Twitter.

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25 readers are going to get their chance to own a Contigo Water Bottle! Yes– we are giving away 25 of them! Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and received product for review, but all opinions are my own and from my girls. And kids don’t lie. 



  1. Anne Lehnick says

    I really like the orange one. You don’t see too many kids water bottles in orange. It would be easy to identify it.

  2. Mona Evanochko says

    I would want Orange and would buy an extra… in Blue, for my two Grand Daughters. Orange and Blue are our favs because their Mommy went to Auburn Un. and their Daddy played football for AU.

  3. Alison F. says

    I’ve been looking for a great water bottle for our kiddos! We already love Contigo for the hubby and I! We’d love blue and pink!

  4. Laura tirrell says

    If We won my daughter would probably love a purple one my daughter is disabled this looks like it would be easy for her to use not to heavy which is good but if there is no purple pink is good too but she would be happy with no matter what color she got

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