3 Ways You Can Make Sure Your Bra is the Right Fit For You (Giveaway)

How are the sisters? No, I’m not talking about Janice and Susan — I’m talking about the sisters God blessed you with! Let me ask you this

~Have you been having pain in your lower back or shoulder area?

~Are you noticing some sag up front in your chest area even when you have your bra  on?

~Has someone commented about the waves in your shirt in the bra region?

Then it may be time for you to get a new bra. But how do you know if you are getting the right bra for you?

1. Get a professional fitting

I never thought this was important until I worked in a department store. I always just assumed that I knew the bra size I was supposed to wear, but upon having a professional fitting, I found out that I was wrong by two sizes about the bra I should be wearing. Professional fittings are FREE and most clothing department stores offer them.

2. Each brand is different

Don’t just assume that every 36C bra is going to be the same size. As my daughter recently found out, every bra company differs just a bit in the size, so be sure to try on whatever you are buying. Don’t just assume it’s going to fit just right. One of my favorite brands is Vanity Fair. Their new Look Lifted Modern Coverage Bra has quickly become my favorite. It fits right, feels comfortable, and basically goes with every single piece of clothing I wear!

3. Change Is Important

Do not be like me and wear the same bra for five years! Bra straps and cups wear out, so purchase a new bra about every six months so you can give your old, tired bra a break! Yes — it may be comfortable, but it is not good for the sistas! They want to be uplifted and held at a higher standard, so that means you’re gonna have to retire the old brazier and get a new one. Again, the Vanity Fair one is a great bra with lots of comfort.

Enter to win!

Five winners are going to get their chance to win one of these fabulous bras in their color choice. It comes in white, neutral, and black. You get modern coverage for subtle cleavage, great comfort, and support, comfortable straps, double-lined back wings with a silky, soft fabric provides superior support and comfort, and padded cups create a lifted and flattering profile.

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I received a Vanity Fair pack in order to write this post. All opinions listed are my own.



  1. Amy S. says

    I am in DESPERATE need for a new bra! I think my dog was a bra-burning hippie in her former life. Since she doesn’t have opposable thumbs now to burn my bras, she targets them for her snacktimes and has recently destroyed my last decent bra. I am down to the two least comfortable bras that I own. Honestly, what was I thinking when I bought them in the first place?!? hmmm. . . maybe “free-flying” would be preferable 😉

  2. says

    I prefer a nice flesh tone or a peach. My mom has sworn by Vanity Fair bras. And I hate to admit it, but I have been sporting the same four VS bras for about three years now. Naughty isn’t it?

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