Protect Your Skin With Good N You (Giveaway)

It’s only fall, but that message seems to have bypassed my skin and Mister Man’s skin yet again this year.  We’re both dry and chapped from our cuticles to our noses, and that’s not comfortable.  Finding natural moisturizing products is sometimes a chore for me, but the body butter, exfoliating scrub and lip balms we recently tried from Goodnyou?, an Etsy story, fit the bill perfectly.

Personally, I love to support small businesses in general, and the variety of products made by Goodnyou? are falling on my must-have list going forward.  We received two of the homemade lip balms, though there are a total of ten flavors available ranging from the traditional strawberry and peppermint to the fun and unusual root beer and cappuccino.  The come in a familiar shaped tube, and they are easy to apply.  They instantly make your lips feel softer, as though the moisturizer starts to work immediately, though they don’t leave your lips feeling greasy.  I appreciate that there aren’t any dyes added to these and that they also offer UV protection.

When Mister Man saw the lip balms sitting on the counter, he immediately picked up the banana and asked if it was for him.  Given that he was already sporting the rim of red around the lips look he gets every winter, I opened the tube and showed him how to apply it.  He immediately stopped complaining that his lips hurt, and he told me that the lip balm smelled really good.  Banana isn’t my favorite scent, but he loved it.  I didn’t give him the peppermint, fearing that the oils might be too strong for him and irritate his sensitivities.  I tried it out myself instead, and it was surprisingly mild.  My lips weren’t tingly at all, and the scent was far less strong than I had expected. I actually like mine a little stronger, but this is a great hint of peppermint, especially for kids.   For $3 per tube or a six-pack sampler for $15, I think I have a new favorite lip balm.  I’m thinking stocking stuffers, too!

The all natural body butter comes in a seven ounce glass bulb jar, which is great because I plan to reuse it once my body butter is gone – and it will be soon!  The exfoliating version ($14) includes brown sugar and is meant to be used in the shower, with no need of another moisturizer after the shower, while the regular body butter ($12) comes in the same container and is meant to be used post-shower.  They both come in the same seven scent options from natural to summer citrus (which would be my preference) to cucumber melon and more.  The exfoliating body butter did work as promised, with no moisturizer needed post shower, and I am keeping it for myself.

The third product I tried out was the salt exfoliating body scrub ($8).  I had the same wishes for product labeling as with the body butter.  There was mention of “moisturizing oils and Vitamin E” but I would have preferred the specifics.  As with all salt scrubs, it’s important to use this on unbroken skin, which was a non-issue for me fortunately.  It worked exactly as advertised and helped remove some of the rough dead skin, especially on my elbows and knees.  This is one of my favorite bath items, and the pretty six ounce jar makes for a beautiful gift for others in addition to treating myself.  I enjoyed the buttermilk honey flavor, again fairly mild that I would have liked just slightly stronger as it mostly washed off when I rinsed the salt scrub away.

Winter is a challenge in my house.  Finding products I’m comfortable using on both me and my children that is effective is even more of a challenge.  The products from Goodnyou? work well, and they are affordable from a small business in Maine hand making products to order.  And that’s something I can feel good about, inside and out.

Enter to win

One reader is going to get their own basket of body butters, scrubs, and lip balms. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below telling us your favorite lip balm flavor.

This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2012. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Sunday, December 2nd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Tuesday, December 4th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received body butter, salt scrub, and two lip balms and described above for review purposes. I was also compensated for this campaign, but all opinions remain my own.

Michelle is happy to report that while she is not about to become a hand model anytime soon, her chapped skin is healing nicely thanks to Goodnyou? products.  See what other issues she’s dealing with on her blog Honest & Truly! or follow her on Twitter where she is also @HonestAndTruly.


  1. Cindy Aiton says

    My favorite lip balm flavor is sweet orange. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  2. Belinda says

    Wow! thanks for the giveaway, first of all! really, we do appreciate it so much!!!
    I would very much love to try the cotton candy lip balm but all of them sound sooo mouth-watering! It would mean so much to me if I won
    THank you so much
    -Belinda XX
    P.S. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  3. Holly Trudeau says

    Coconut for me, then I can pretend I’m sitting in a beach sipping a tropical drink rather than the reality of sitting on my couch folding laundry.

  4. kim lazor says

    I have always loved grape lip gloss/lip balm, and it is not always easy to find, unfortunately. I settle for bubble gum flavor, if I cannot find grape.

  5. Acmommy3 says

    I have always enjoyed Peppermint lip balm – and I noticed that this company has a new balm called Chocolate Peppermint!

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