No More Sorting or Stepping On Legos Thanks to Box4Blox (Giveaway)

by Liza Corbo


How much does it hurt when you step on a little tiny Lego in the floor? It’s a pain like no other and with three boys who love all things Lego, it is a scenario that has been repeated time and time again in my house. Checking on the kids at night in the dark, I tiptoe in and there laying on the floor is that little bitty tiny piece of plastic. You already know what comes next!

I’m thrilled to tell you that you don’t have to endure the pain a moment longer thanks to a fabulous product that we were just recently introduced to–Box4Blox!

Before now, the boys Legos have never had a home. We have a Lego table for the bigger toddler sized Legos, but that is it. The smaller ones of all shapes and sizes seem to be strewn around the house. If it isn’t part of a creation, its in a bucket, the bottom of a toy bin, even on the playroom floor. It has driven me crazy and it never occurred to me that there might be something out there to contain them all — aside from getting a bigger bucket. Box4Blox is better than a bucket.

Developed in New Zealand, but manufactured in the United States, Box4Blox is sold exclusively online. It was developed by a mom who spent nearly an hour sorting her kids Lego’s into a selection of plastic containers …only for her youngest to return home from pre-school and tip them all over the floor. How many times have we all been there. I know that I have.

Box4Blox works by grading Lego bricks through a series of four trays with different size grids. The boys were all excited to take the top off and drop the Lego’s down. It made it fun for them and for once I didn’t have any complaints about them having to pick up the Lego’s.

As the Lego pieces can be easily found from their respective trays, it eliminates the need to tip all the Lego’s out on to the floor. I love this concept!

Blox4Blox is even made from the same plastic that  Lego uses to make their construction blocks. When assembled with the four trays and lid, the BOX4BLOX forms a 10¼” cube, which holds approximately 1,600 Lego blocks. That is amazing storage right there! After the boys finished putting all the Lego pieces in, we took a few trays to see where the Legos ended up. Here are the medium size ones, which fell down the 1st two trays to get there.

And my most favorite? The green bottom tray – where all the little hard to find pieces end up. My kids are always crying over losing the tiny pieces and not being able to find them. Now? They will know to look in the green tray.

I am thrilled with Box4Blox and will be recommending it to all my friends. I can’t lie, it is sort of pricey … however this works so well that it is totally worth it to me! And look at the smiles on the boys. All clean. No fuss. And now they know where they can find all of their Legos from now on…sorted by size no less! This will make the perfect Christmas present for your kids or grandkids.

Enter to Win

5 Minutes for Mom and Box4Blox are giving three lucky readers their very own Blox4Blox (retail value $120 each)!  To enter, tell us below who you need a Box4Blox for and why. In addition to their website, you can also follow up with Box4Blox on Facebook and Twitter.

This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2012. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Sunday, December 2nd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Tuesday, December 4th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.

I was sent a Box4Blocks in order to write my review.  I was also cocompensated for my time. All opinions remain my own.

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