Win a $50 Visa Card in our Christmas Giveaway


Who couldn’t use an extra $50 this holiday season? If you win it, what would you do with it? Purchase gifts for your family, use it for yourself, or save it for a date night with your significant other?

The folks over at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center wanted to get in on the Christmas spirit and help you spread the cheer!

Enter to win

One lucky reader is going to win a $50 Visa Gift Card to use during the Christmas holiday. To enter this giveaway, tell us something about yourself that if you could fix you would. For me, it’s my teeth and my roll of fat where I’ve lost weight. If there is nothing you would change about yourself, just say “nothing” in the comments.

This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2012. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Sunday, December 2nd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Tuesday, December 4th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.

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  1. Tammy S says

    I would have a tummy tuck. Like you I am left with a rool that no matter how hard I try, just doesn’t go away.

  2. Jessica says

    Besides my fat, I would love to get rid of having to wear glasses. Also, my over bite would be nice to lose. This if I were to be brutally honest.

  3. Erica Barnes says

    I’d like to get rid of my ‘turkey neck’ and also have a tummy tuck. Maybe also have laser surgery on my eyes so I wouldn’t have to wear glasses anymore.

  4. Shesha says

    I would love to win this. It would be a huge help towards gifts for the kids or maybe a date night for my husband and I.

  5. Denise M says

    i would love to fix the dark circles under my eyes, i could sleep 12 hours a day and someone will still tell me that i look tired

  6. says

    nothing. :) Well I typed nothing but it said I didn’t put enough words in…so I would change the fact that I don’t have a gift card in my wallet.

  7. Liz says

    I’d like to be down 2 sizes. I have gotten up WAY too high (unhealthy high) after having three kids and need to get in better shape and health.

  8. says

    After the first four babies I got back down to a size 6, then while pregnant with number five I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After the surgeries, delivery, chemotherapy, radiation and medically induced menopause I weigh the exact sameas my max pregnancy weight and have not been able to get it off in six years! Ugh. I would suck all the fat off! Amen!

  9. Elizabeth Brown says

    Hello Everyone if you could change something about my self that would be Loosing my belly first off then get in shape and stay healthy

  10. Cindi says

    I have a large port wine birthmark on the left side
    of my face. We have tried several means to remove it,
    but I have the kind that comes back…
    Thanks, Cindi

  11. Cindy B says

    I’d love to lose the 50 pounds that keeps coming and going for good! Other than that…I could use an eye lift!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  12. Christine Roeske says

    Goodness, I’d fix a lot of physical things about myself, first my health to be there for my littles as long as possible…

  13. clarissa says

    oh my…there is too much to list here! I am pregnant with my 7th child. People always say how good i look for having so many and I am like “yeah have you seen what’s under these clothes???” my boobs are saggy gross, my belly is stretch marked and the skin sags…its just a train wreck

  14. Milly B says

    My weight… I’ve had 5 babies in 6 years. While I wouldn’t trade that for the world, I wish my weight didn’t show it!

  15. Amy says

    With an extra $50 in hand, it would help purchase a Keurig coffee maker just for me… Relaxation is what I so need for Christmas! :)

  16. Jessica says

    I would fix my teeth…all that money my parents spent on braces and I hated to wear a retainer so my bottom teeth are crooked again. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Linda Stewart says

    In the past year I’ve lost over 100lbs. I have skin hanging everywhere that I would love to have removed.

  18. says

    I’d say tooth whitening. I am too afraid to do anything surgical, after a huge infection after a c-section, but trust me…there are surgical things that need ‘a fixn’!!! lol

  19. says

    I struggle with my leftover baby belly. If I lay on my back I’m nice and flat, but unfortunately I can’t go places and lay on my back while talking to people.

  20. says

    Mine would definitely be my teeth as well. I didn’t take very good care of them growing up and now I’m paying for it. I have to get a root canal and fillings. :(

  21. Amy B says

    I would also say my teeth. I am on the larger size but it seems that I am more embarrassed of my teeth than anything

  22. Amy Orvin says

    If I could change anything it would be to lose weight and keep it off.
    I can lose weight, I just always gain it back. I’d love to just live in a skinny body, permenantly.

  23. Amber L says

    My husband is they only one working right now and if I won the great prize I would get him something that he diserves for all his hard work

  24. DebbyM says

    I need to lose a ton of weight first….then I would like to have any excess skin around the belly removed. Other than that….(not being conceited, because I’m no raving beauty)…I’m happy with what the good Lord gave me. =)

  25. Rhonda vidal says

    My jaw bone is shorter on one side due to accident when i was 2yrs. 52yrs later its really showing. I would love a slight lift on face.
    Merry x-mas

  26. says

    I’ve been working on losing weight since July. I have lost 10 pounds slowly but steadily. The skin on my belly is looking loose and weird. 😉 I would get that firmed up and have something done to reduce the appearance of stretch marks…if that’s even possible since my youngest is about to be 15.

  27. Therese says

    I would 100% get my eyes done so I would have to wear contacts or glasses any more I am soo sick of being blind and breaking my glasses or my son breaking them! Thanks for the opportunity to win all these great gifts!

  28. says

    I’m proud to say that I am perfectly content with my body :)! When I was younger I had a few complaints here and there and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I could have many more complaints. If I could change/fix one thing about myself now it would be my eye’s and unfortunately that costs way too much and is a very scarey procedure. Even if I were to have the money, I would be afraid that it somehow get screwed up then I would be blind; I can’t see very good now but blind is much worse.

  29. ANGEL JACKLYN says



  30. says

    I have my problem areas like everyone else, but I can honestly say there’s nothing I would want to have professionally altered. I am happy to be me!

  31. says

    I’m not sure I’d do an entire mommy makeover, but I’d like that mommy belly gone… just the flap of skin. Well, everything under it too. LOL. Oh, and maybe those extra arm flaps that swing when you wave. They don’t bother me too much though. But that tummy. Yes, it has to go.

  32. Angela Ak says

    I would fix my attitude ; sometimes I can be quick to offer my opinion and it comes off negative, but I am too truthful sometimes.

  33. Michelle Dehowy says

    If I could, I would fix our garage. It is close to falling down, but we really do not have the spare money to fix it.

  34. April V. says

    I’d love to fix my thighs. I’m actually at a good weight for my height but my thighs are oversized for my frame. I look strange in shorts.


    I loved my pre pregnancy shape and body,i feel like i want to go back sometimes
    But mostly i respect my body for what is capable of,so yeah!!Nothing

  36. Arinna Black says

    I’d like to change the amount of time and effort I put forward into spending time with my family. I don’t feel like I’m there for them enough now and there are a lot of members of my extended family (cousins, things like that) who I don’t really know at all, and I’d like to change that.

    Physically, I’d love to get a haircut that actually works for me! 😀

  37. Susan Ladd says

    I would love to rid of about 20 pounds. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep :) Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  38. Ailene Leavell says

    I am a 54 yr old grandmother raising her two grandsons after the death of my dear daughter last year and Lord, I could use a face lift, grief really wears on you and dental work delux!

  39. Jason Crooks says

    I would love to get my teeth whitened. They could use a little love from all of the smoking and coffee drinking I used to do.

  40. Michelle says

    If I could I would change my hair.
    As I have gotten older my hair has become dry and unmanageable.
    I never know what it will look like from day-to-day.

  41. Desiree Dyer says

    strech marks!! i had my daughter very young and so my teenage body got riped to shreads and i still have some weight to lose but if i could just get rid of the darn map all over my belly id be happy!

  42. Molly says

    If I could… :)
    I had four babies in under four years. Totally worth it, but my body is wrecked! I would have a tummy tuck. I have lost weight, but the skin just wont go back!

  43. Amy Pullifrone says

    I would love to fix some of my acne scars…my mom never told me how to take care of my face so when I got acne, I picked at it and now I hate that I did that.

  44. Rosalind says

    I would lose the weight to help myself feel a bit better and maybe no longer have to walk with a cane or ride in a wheelchair. A blessing it would be.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  45. Danielle Ring says

    If I could fix anything it would be my teeth (or lack thereof) and get a tummy tuck to get rid of my tummy flap from my 3 babies.

  46. Regina says

    Unfortunately it is my teeth. I had a ton of fillings as a child and the color of my teeth get uneven.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  47. says

    I’d like to do something about my neck…tighten it up. (I am resending this just in case because when I hit submit, it said I am posting too quickly. I hadn’t even posted once.)

  48. serena adkins says

    If I could change on thing about myself, I would have to say I would want to be more toned. That would mean going to the gym but I tell myself all the time that I don’t have time. My new years resolution is to make time and to stop making so many excuses.

  49. Bonnie M. says

    It would have to be the “over 50 and 7 kids later” belly. Actually, a BODY makeover would be wonderfull! Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought..”what is that? Oh…. how did it get down there!” Also teeth, keep trying to save, but before I get enough for 1 broken tooth repair, another one breaks – as of Thursday night, it’s now 4 back teeth broken.

  50. CherylS22 says

    My hair – I seem to have developed some thinning right in the center front of my head! (Oh, the joys of aging!!!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Elaine Bolduc says

    i think i would need a complete make over. i would like to lose some weight if possible at this old age and menopause

  52. Kel H says

    What would I change about myself if I could — magically lost around 100 lbs…….realistically ..not being so quick to snap at my kids when I don’t feel well or am in a bad mood

  53. Holly Trudeau says

    I would like to change my entire body into it’s 18 year old self! Push things back up to wear they used to be before the kiddos came along!

  54. Sharon says

    I would definitely fix my teeth – I need a cap on one of my front teeth and it keeps me from smiling a lot! This would help me a lot!

  55. Misty Harville says

    Omg, where do I start? I would fix my stomach first off(from kids), then my teeth, then my nose. The list goes on and on.

  56. says

    Not to be selfish but with a limited income of SS and another small check, now on disability for my family d/t an auto accident that resulted in a closed head injury and me unable to work, this would really help provide for a small gift for a member of my family

  57. Tammy J. says

    I’ve recently lost 70 lbs. and I want to lose another 40 lbs. There is a lot of excess skin and flab because of the weight loss, so I’d like to fix that.

  58. rebecca williams says

    I’d like to get braces but my insurance doesn’t help cover it because my older than 21 yrs old….I’m 30, bummer.

  59. Teh Doll says

    My teeth they are getting worse everyday.. but it is going to cost a lot to fix them..


  60. CMC says

    I’d like to lose weight, yes, and also have some CoolSculpting done for those areas that don’t change, whether I’m thinner or not.

  61. Ashley Morrissey says

    Since having my 3 month old precious baby boy..I would want to fix my boobs, butt and thighs! I’d also LOVE lip injections and to do something with my jaw line.

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  62. carol roberts says

    i fell off a horse going over a bridge and i have a knot that never went away on my thigh more like a bugle id fix that….

  63. says

    Definitely my teeth.. I am battling 3 or more inoperable spinal tumors eating thru my spine and battling for my life.. with it my bones are taking the toll, and now my teeth.. a few months ago I lost several just crumbling in my mouth.. and with no dental insurance nothing has been able to be done about it.. my front crown fell off and the front eye tooth crumbled in pieces also.. not a pretty site and it is difficult to eat.. nonetheless, that would be my choice! for sure!
    cathy b*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  64. Tokekmise says

    I have a really deep frown line between my eyes, and would love to get rid of that. I’m pretty happy with myself all in all.

  65. Geoff K says

    I’d like to be a little more assertive in my daily life – too often I avoid conflict and get sucked into doing things I’m not happy about!

  66. Jerry says

    I lost 70 lbs this year rather quickly and am left with excess skin… wouldn’t mind being rid of that, but honestly… I’d take the excess skin over the 70 lbs any day. 😉

  67. megan h says

    I would love to lose weight after having 2 kids but also my overbite its aweful and that would be a nice fix too. I would also love to fix our finances too, i hate that we are in debt like we are and if we hadn’t gotten into business with someone that screwed us in the end we wouldn’t be living with my parents with our 2 kids too. I want so badly to have our own space again.

  68. Bella says

    I would probably fix my teeth. I never wanted to go through the hassle of braces but now, as an adult, I’m starting to regret not getting it over with. (I don’t think we could have afforded it anyways! lol)

  69. Angela Cisco says

    I have a cyst on my jawline that has to be removed by a plastic surgeon. One day I’m going to get around to doing it.

  70. Shirley Hicks says

    if i could change anything about would be to get rid of the pain im in daily ..from neck and back problems…..

  71. Darlene Webb says

    I would work on my belly! I still have some weight on from having my children and it seems it never wants to go away

  72. Estela S says

    The list is long….lol. I’d get a tummy tuck, lose 30 pounds, breast enhancement, clear my bad skin, get rid of the wrinkles and my marionette lines.

  73. Harry Noche says

    If I could go back in time, I would eat healthy food and exercise so I would not have a lot of pimple scars. But I’m fine with them now. I learned to accept them. It is really a challenge to live in a world where physical traits are sometimes the basis of being accepted. But, I would still say that I’m very lucky. And I get to know “real” people who would accept the “real” me.

  74. Mary Cloud says

    My stomach – I’d love to not look 6 months pregnant (which I’m not) all the time
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  75. Carla says

    I need a jaw realignment so my teeth won’t grind and I need dental implants & caps. And a nose job, as it’s a little crooked. A little lipo, and how about a butt lift? And my neck tightened. Gee, I’m a mess!

  76. Patrice says

    I would like to lose some weight, especially in the belly area. It would be nice to have good eyesight so that I didn’t have to wear glasses.

  77. Erin D. says

    I would love to get rid of my glasses. Now that I have kids they always get in the way, knocked off my face and grabbed by little hands.

  78. sonia says

    I could stand to lose up to 40 pounds, but I would prefer to do for my husband. He could use an eye exam and a new pair of glasses.

  79. Betty C says

    I have a laundry list of things I’d like to fix: my eyelids are drooping from age, I’d like a little lift; I need to have about 50 pounds disappear and I’d like my hair to behave like it did before it turned gray.

  80. Melanie Montgomery says

    I’d get my teeth whitened, and probably laser hair removal, I hate shaving my legs everyday cause I have dark hair.

  81. Jennifer Johnson says

    I would work on my weight. I’ve lost some but still have a lot more to lose. After that I would want to fix the extra skin and stretch marks.

  82. brenda Elsner says

    I would like to lose an additional 30lbs (already lost 25) and would like to get partials so I have front teeth again.

  83. Emily says

    I wouldnt fix a thing about myself! I love me just the way I am, although I would not mind winning so I could treat my husband to a nice massage since he works so hard fighting for this country! Thanks

  84. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I’d love to fix the fact that I bite my nails. I know it sounds silly, but it is a REALLY hard habit to break when you’ve been doing it for 30 years. I do it without realizing! I have put nailpolish and stuff on my nails with no luck! lol! jenniferpeaslee at gmail dot com

  85. Sarah Madrigal says

    I would like work done on my stomach. After I gave birth to my third child, I tried to loose her weight and it has been very hard to loose that weight. I would also like to have perfect skin since I am 36 and have skin like I am 16 again. IKES!!LOL!!

  86. Laurie Emerson says

    I would like to get my ears done as I have giant sized ears and growing up they would always call me Dumbo.

  87. DinaJ says

    I would fix my eyes. I used to get compliments about my eyes until about 3 years ago. I have saggy eyelids and dark circles. I won’t even have new photos taken of me because of it. :(

  88. cassandra says

    I would love to lose weight and start to run to stay healthy foreverrr instead of losing and gaining losing and gaining. thanks!

  89. says

    Iwouldlove to have a liuttle extra money this year to buy my children something. i have been out of a job for 2 years now and this would be great to be able to give them a card and let them buy what ever they would like! It would be a nice christmas cheer to see the smiles on their faces!

  90. Blessing says

    If I got this I cold get gas to find a new job….and if I could change anything it would be my stomach…….be blessed!

  91. Denise says

    I would change my belly. a few years ago I had a gastric bypass, and I have lost almost 300 pounds. now all I have is this saggy tummy roll. for the most part I don’t let it bother me. and my husband says it doesn’t bother him at all. but it does bother me sometimes. so if I could change something about myself I think I would love to get rid of this large saggy roll.

  92. victoria says

    One thing I am trying to fix about myself is my belly and the little bit of fat that is around it. My ultimate goal is to see my abs! I have just always wanted to. It’s alot of hard work, but I’m getting there! :)

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