Why I had a fantastic time at BlogHer 09!

by Janice

I am an extrovert. (I bet you never could have guessed that! LOL)

Put me in a hotel with over a thousand like minded women, and I will have a great time. I thrive in the company of energetic, creative, brilliant people. And at BlogHer there is never a shortage of such people!

So when I boarded the plane heading to Chicago, I was looking forward to all aspects of the event. But I knew my favorite part – the part that I would never forget – would be the relationships I would make. I would make new friends. I would meet people in person that I have only known online. I would strengthen friendships I already have. And I would have fun… and laugh a lot!

And I was not disappointed.

My BlogHer09 experience was a beautiful blur of faces, hugs and conversations. It was networking that doesn’t feel like networking, because it is really relationship building. It was laughter and camaraderie. It was friendship.

Arriving home to read the negative posts about BlogHer was so sad. Yes, some people behaved badly.

But I would hate those mistakes to define our community.

Susan and I adore our online friends — in fact, it is our mission to promote the online mom community that blesses so many women’s lives!

But we are a collection of human beings. And so within that group there will be conflict and strife and failure. We will hurt one another and we will be hurt. It is part of human nature.

We will all make mistakes and disappoint ourselves and others. The key is to acknowledge those mistakes and strive to become better.

I hope that through the critical feedback on BlogHer that we can improve and evolve as a community, determined to “get it better” next time.

But through it all, I hope we can extend grace to our sisters and focus on the good in each of us — and the good in our community.

There is so, so, so much good! Let’s show the world how incredible the momosphere is!!!

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(PS – I will be adding more to this list – esp as I read through all the blogs in our BlogHer09 MckLinky, but right now I need to run and take my son to piano lesson!)

THANKS so much to our sponsor, Toshiba, for sending us to BlogHer and for providing a laptop for us to giveaway in our “Hunt for the Traveling Toshiba!”

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