Is That Movie Safe For Your Child To Watch? (Giveaway)

I have a love/hate relationship with movies.

I love that movies can make me laugh, think about something from a different perspective, and learn about cultures and places all over the world I’d otherwise never experience.

But I hate that movies are often full of gratuitous violence and celebrate casual sex, drugs, car chases and gun fights.

As an adult, I can just ignore what I don’t like and enjoy a couple hours escaping reality. But now that I’m a mom of two little girls who are starting to watch movies, my irritation with the movie-making business isn’t just theoretical.

I need to know exactly what is happening in each movie that my girls want to watch.

So when Jim Judy, creator of asked me to take a look at his site, I was thrilled. has exactly what I need to decide which movies my children should or should not watch. It is the perfect movie review tool for parents. Screen It has the most complete movie review information and is created with parents in mind. The unbiased descriptions will help you decide whether a particular movie is fit for your kids or not.

About Screen It

Screen It is a movie review website for parents. In less than a minute you can pull up a movie your child is interested in seeing. I love how thorough these reviews are. In fact, each section is broken down full of details for each movie.

One of the major things that stood out to me in this very detailed review was their information on movements and lighting in the movie itself:

For those concerned with bright flashes of light on the screen, there’s a partial strobe effect during a concert of sorts late in the film.

For those prone to visually induced motion sickness, various scenes feature fluid camera movement inside the castle, while some POV footage (driving, flying, etc.) is also present.

Screen It does a tremendous job helping parents decide on movies that are more fit for their child’s age, and keeping us aware of what our children may be watching without our knowledge.

Something Like This Is Worth a Million Bucks to This Mom!

Screen It saves me so much time trying to decide if a movie is right for my girls or not. It’s priceless. A company like this who spends all their time creating these reviews can’t do it for free. A lot of time researching is put into each and every single review written. So how much does a wonderful service like this cost?

A one month membership is only $7.95, but the BEST value is the year membership ($47). This is a very small price to pay to get back your sanity when it comes to movie viewing with your children.

Enter to win:

We are giving away 10 membership codes good for a YEAR membership! Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

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We were provided a free membership in order to write this review. All opinions listed are our own.

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    You have raised an issue i battle with all the time. My son is in grade 6 and just turned 11. He gets alot of peer pressure to watch movies that are way above his age and maturity. We try to find suitable movies but sometimes the rating scale doesn’t tell you enough. I will definately check out the link.

  2. Chip says

    The movies are done in animation to draw the kids, but the plot is way above their heads. What happen to simple and fun kid movies?

  3. Libby says

    I hate it when I am watching a movie with my kids and there are words that we don’t say in there that make my kids think it’s “ok”. Not cool…

  4. says

    What is the one thing you don’t like when it comes to movie viewing with your children
    The one thing I hate is the gratuitous language and/or sexual inuendos and jokes that have nothing to do with the main story.

  5. Brittany says

    Relationships that are not appropriate or showing girls or boys too grown up acting when they should be acting like kids.

  6. Stephanie Larison says

    Nudity and profanity. It seems like kids are starting to pick up the bad words from movies more and more.

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