Kids Crafts: Cards You Can Create with Your Kids

As November rolls around, so does Holiday mode at my house and my children join in the fun!

We start by creating our cards that they will give to their friends and teachers. The kids love being able to make hand made cards and gifts to give and it also creates some wonderful memories in the process.

Today I will share with you a few of the cards you can create with your kids.

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock
  • Paint
  • Ink Pads
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Eager little hands
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive ( I used a spray adhesive as I found it the easiest way to adhere glitter to your cards. Make sure you use in a well ventilated area.
  • Giggles
  • Masks
  • Accessories : (any little extra items you might have you’d like to use)

Tip:  Something I do is go to the discount stores and buy the $1.00 curtain showers to use as table covers. They are life savers for your tables and you can discard them if they are really ruined or use them for a future project with your kids.


I like to cut the cards for the kids as the blades of paper cutter are sharp. I cut these cards to 4×8 1/2 (I used 8 1/2x 11 sheets of cardstock) and folded them in half for them.

Next we talked about what we wanted to create. That part is always fun because your kids can be involved in creating what they want – not listening to what their parents want them to do!

The first card – a snowman!  We first had to make it snow. For this I took one of the masks and applied paint to some tissue. Tip: using tissue is way to discard easily and something that you always have at had. Have your kids tap the paint over the mask and card.

While we waited for the ink to try we moved on to our next card that included making fabric flowers which is easy when you used Glubers.

They are fun to use as they are circle adhesives they can just add the ribbon too.  I love them because the kids just have to “smash” the ribbon and I can’t think of something more fun for a kid to do. We also added a few buttons after we were done to create wreathes.

We also used the alcohol inks to create the splatters. Beware of this technique and have handy wipes at hand because you will have colorful inky hands during the process!

I also love to purchase paper dollies at the discount store where you are able to get a good amount for a few bucks. They are wonderful and easy way to add embellishment  your cards.

Our final card included some stamping. I like Micheal’s Crafts Store especially when the Holidays are coming near – I head straight for the $1.00 stamp bin and let my kids pick out some stamps they want to use.  I like these stamps because usually these are large images and when little hands stamp they are forgivable if they smudge a bit.

After they stamped the ornaments, I sprayed the cards with adhesive and we sprinkled some glitter on them.  Another reason those shower curtains come in handy! Once we finished I just wrapped it up and off to the trash with minimal glitter everywhere.

These were our cards after we were done. My kids were so happy with them and couldn’t wait to create some more cards.


I hope you will give it a go and take out your craft supplies and make some cards with your kids. I would love to see what your kiddies create! Please feel free to link a picture in the comments so I could take a look!




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    Hey Ellie I want to say that you are doing awesome creative with your kids. I a mom of two kids and both of them can’t relax for a single minute. During vacations I don’t understand what to do with them, but now I get new ideas. I must say that this wonderful activity for kids by making cards. Through this they will learn how to use simple thing and change it in precious one. I would like to do with my kids not in vacations, but also when they have free time. Thanks for sharing.

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