A New Smile is On the Way for Me!
I’m a Damon Diva

I don’t smile in pictures much. The reason is because . . . I hate my teeth. No. I’m not superficial. Yes — I know beauty comes from within, but a beautiful smile can make someone like me, who has always had low self esteem feel SO much better about herself.

A smile lights up the world — or at least that is what I am told. Don’t get me wrong — I mean, I do smile for some photos, but as soon as I see the picture, my first reaction is always, my teeth are so crooked.


I’ve learned over the years how to smile in a photo without really smiling so my teeth don’t show, but to be honest, it always looks like I’m scowling. Thankfully, Ormco, makers of the Damon® System, is helping me achieve the beautiful smile I’ve always dreamed of having.

The Damon System showcases how innovation and technology are changing the orthodontic industry—giving patients a beautiful, healthy smile at any age with more comfort and in less time. The Damon System is a combination of “tieless” passive self-ligating brackets, high-technology archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols that work together to efficiently enhance facial balance and aesthetics and achieve smooth cheek contours, broad smiles and straight teeth.

Back in September, I spent a whole day at Sybron Learning Center learning about the Damon System and how the high-technology braces would help make my smile what I’ve always dreamed it could be. In fact, Dr. Tom Pitts, who I had the pleasure of meeting told us that the Damon System is like the Mercedes of braces.


Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System, and offers a virtually invisible orthodontic option that delivers fast, comfortable treatment to accommodate today’s image-conscious adults and teens. Can you tell who’s wearing The Damon Braces?


Over the course of the next year—as an official Damon Diva—I will be checking in periodically to let you know how my treatment is going, share tips for having braces as an adult, and to share information about the Damon System and how these wonderful braces can help you achieve a gorgeous, more self confident and beautiful smile!

If you don’t want to wait, you can visit the Damon Braces website today, find an orthodontist in your area that specializes in the Damon System and make an appointment and get started.

Don’t be like me and wait because you think braces are too expensive or that you are too old. That is the beauty of this system. These braces are made for everyone — young and old. It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always longed for!


We are working in partnership with Ormco and the Damon System to bring awareness to moms that the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted is obtainable! All opinions shared are my own.



  1. says

    I never had braces….my teeth aren’t horrible, but they could certainly be improved. But this past year+ as I’ve watched my daughter’s smile change through orthodontic work, I am convinced. Someday I will do it!

  2. Lily Yun says

    When I was young our family was not wealthy to affort any form of dental treatment except those offerred in public school. Last three year my daughter had her braces done and I could see the transformation was pretty remarkable. Therefore, I just had my Damon braces done two days ago, on the first day it was getting used to it, but today, I feel much better. I’m pretty excited for the final results and am just enjoying myself and rewarding myself. Everyone deserves to take care of one’s dental health and its never too late. BTW I’m already 48 years old.

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