Christmas Giveaway 2012 Button Codes

Here are the button codes for the Christmas Giveaway 2012 event and for our Under the Tree project distributing Christmas presents to families in need. Thanks so much for being a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom community!











  1. says

    Aloha Sweet Moms,

    Thank you both so very much for sharing this program with our blogging communities and the families who will be especially touched by your beautiful spirits. It’s so very much an honor to be a part of the mom community you are building.

    Your button is up on Local Sugar Hawaii, although I may move it from the spot I have it at now on the website to one more prominent– I thought having it at the bottom would highlight it a bit as there’s less clutter but now it just seems too far down. =)

    Happy Holidays to You Both,

  2. Sandi Iannaccone says

    My husband and my children’s Dad was killed in an auto accident while saving a 16 yr old boy passenger. I am on disability and have a limited income. Anything I can win will make Christmas better for my 2 girls. I will miss the gifts my husband always bought for me. But I would trade every gift just to have him back. The Walmart gift card would help get the kids what they really need. Thanks for helping those in need.

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