6 Ways to Dress Up Your Wardrobe

Even women who adore fashion need to update themselves on current fashion trends! Fashion is so capricious, no one can tell which trend will exist for the next season.

Many women, in their pursuit to be impeccably dressed, end up following fashion blindly. If you take a close look at the latest Vogue magazine, you’ll notice emergence of old-fashioned ideas.

If you need to incorporate the latest fashions into your wardrobe, there are a number of items you can add to give you a touch with the latest style. Take note of these latest trends and styles, which are a fraction of the latest wearable designs; you can also visit jklclothing website to take a look at latest clothing fashions too.

Voluminous Skirts

Skirts will never go out of style. This year, flared knee skirts are back with vengeance. Their added layers and gathers are very much in vogue. For an evening out, you can do a bright skirt with volume – the swirls and swish cause everyone to turn green with envy. It’s also the perfect time to experiment with your tiered skirts.

Jodhpur Pants

These fashionable pants are uber-cool – their unique shape makes it even more eye-catching. Wider on the thighs, the jodhpur gives you a fuller look so they’re usually best dressed for the slimmer silhouette.

Cocktail shorts

Cocktail shorts are fancy and dressy overall, and are available in a wide range of colours. With drawstrings and hems, they are accessible in fashionable fabrics and can also be worn on an official event with a stilettos and a smart looking jacket. These shorts have surely caught the eyes of celebs who have shown no apprehensiveness in flaunting them on formal occasions.

The Glam Dress

The most sought after dresses are mid length outfit with layering. Abandon the long flowing gowns for a red carpet affair and get a knee length dress with interesting style and fabric.


Though there has been a misconception that ruffles have become outdated, soft ruffles especially on the neck have made a come-back. Get sophisticated fabrics that have all the shine and shimmer. Ruffles create a unique feminine look with a touch of sophistication.


After all is said and done, you can’t ignore the jewelry. Less is more – remember the rule, if you are wearing an elaborate neckpiece, get tiny earnings.

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