Say It Forward – Week 25

Say It Forward

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Say It Forward – Week 25: This week’s loyal commenter is Brandy from No Time Mom.

No Time MommyAre you interested in finding out where the best online contests are? Are you looking for someplace you can go that will give you a comprehensive list of product reviews that are well written and enticing? If that’s the case, then Brandy’s site is for you.

Brandy, a stay at home mom of three young children, provides her readers with a lot of information, from contest listings to product reviews. Infusing many of her reviews with a personal touch, Brandy’s site is detailed, informative and a great resource for moms (though most of her online reviews are family or children related, some of the products Brandy reviews are for adults only).

Brandy and her husband, Jack, an Army veteran who served two years in Iraq, live in North Carolina, where Brandy tries to keep tabs on her crew, despite the hectic nature of her life (thus the tag line of her blog: “A mom who hardly has time for anything but kids”). As is the case with young children, there is a bit of bickering and fighting amongst her children, which can be exhausting, but Brandy tries to find joy in the moments when they all get along.

Here’s how Brandy describes herself: I’m a stay at home mom of three. I’m happily married to my husband of almost 5 years. Residing in the triad region of north carolina. Just living life and enjoying my beautiful children.

Kenz is 4 and loves to sing and dance.(little diva)

Alex is almost 3 and loves to play house.(the shy one)

William is 17 months and is the life of the party(the boss)

When I’m not wiping noses,changing diapers, or chasing kids around, I like to blog and read and scrapbook.

Thank you, Brandy, for the resource that you provide to us, your readers.

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