Blogs Can Change Lives — Our HP Mini Recipient!


We can’t do everything, but we can do something…

In this installment of Blogs Can Change Lives, we want to say “THANK YOU” to all the military families around the globe.

We wish we could slip an HP Mini in every soldiers bag before they sling it over their shoulder and board their plane. But, we can slip it into ONE soldier’s bag — one special soldier who may need an extra boost of encouragement for themselves or their family.

HP Mini 1000HP is providing one HP Mini 1000 for us to giveaway. Because the Mini is designed for people on the go, we want to give it to a member of the military so they can keep in touch with the world they had to leave behind.

The HP Mini 1000 retails starting at $299.99 and at less than an inch thick and weighing little more than 2 pounds, it won’t weigh a soldier down!

We asked you for nominations and the winner is…

Angela, from MommyPR.

angela-homecomingAngela is a WAHM who is attending Capella University,studying for her BS in Marketing.

Her husband is a SGT in the US Army as a Airborne All Wheel Mechanic and is heading to Iraq in days. They have two adorable girls ages 6 & 2. They currently reside in Washington state, but have lived a number of places… their last was in Italy! Angela is the owner of Mommy PR ( and calls herself, “a true nerd at heart.”

Even with these two photos Angela sent us I am in awe of what her family has gone through. The first photo here was taken last July when her husband returned from his 15 month Afghanistan tour. The photo below was their FIRST time together for a family photo!

When she found out she and her family had been selected, Angela wrote to us:

“I can not even begin to express my gratitude to 5 Minutes for Mom and HP. We are so thankful for this prize. Times are tough right now with all families, and buying a second computer for this deployment was just out of the question. This will be used to its fullest.

angela-family-photoI can assure you this will go to great use. Not just for our family, but for someone else down there without a computer as well. Last deployment, my husband did not have his own either and thankfully a wonderful soldier lent him his any chance he wanted. I am so grateful for that. I know we will do the same this time around as well.

I cannot even put into words my thoughts about this. Huge hugs are being sent!” 😀

We are so grateful to Angela, her husband, and their family for serving and sacrificing for their country! Thank you to ALL of the military, all over the globe, working to make a safer world for all us!

And thank you to HP for helping change lives through their technology and generosity!


  1. says

    I have such a HUGE respect for army wives, really! I mean I respect all military wives, but I have such a strong admiration for army wives. It can get so tough some times. I am so glad that Angela’s family will have a way to communicate during his deployment. THANK YOU HP!!!

  2. says

    Thank you 5 Minutes For Mom and to HP! You have no idea the joy and peace you brought us knowing our family has a reliable piece of communication. Being able to see each other on web cam is so wonderful.
    God bless!

  3. Jenna says

    What a wonderful story! Since the internet is the easiest way for army family’s to stay in contact, I think this computer was absolutely deserved. We should considering doing more campaigns like this for our troops, it is a nice way to give back and keep them connected to us!

  4. says

    What a wonderful thing for you and HP to do. Please convey our love and admiration to Angela and her husband, as well as to their whole family. I know it can be difficult to be separated for a long period of time, so please know that we appreciate your sacrifice for our country and our freedom! Please know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you and all the members of the military until each and everyone of you are home safe and sound! Also, thank you so much for indicating that you will be sharing your wonderful gift with others while away, my son will be deployed to Afghanistan in October, and we don’t have the funds to send an additional computer with him, so people like you are truly a godsend to people like us. You are an inspiration to the entire country, and the world, the true meaning of what America means. May God bless you and your family and bring you home safe to your family.
    Have a glorious Independence Day… God Bless America and congratulations on your win… you absolutely deserve it!!!

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