Driving in Style with the 2013 Kia® Rio!

My daughter and I live just outside of Boston in a great commuter friendly area which makes having a car not such a huge deal. Next to our house is a beautiful bike path which spans a few towns and connects us to our local train station. Not to mention there are buses that goes right along my street. I also try to walk to work at least 3 mornings a week which takes me about 30 minutes. Most of what I need – CVS, groceries, Laundromat, and train/buses are within walking distance to our home which is fantastic!! While it’s great to have so many of my necessities locally, my daughter and I are active we like going to new places and doing so without a car is possible, but often a pain.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week falling in love with driving the all-new 2013 Kia® Rio and boy oh boy I forgot the convenience that comes along with having a car! I shaved so much time off of my commute and went to Target twice in one day…just because!!

Being responsible for a child is a huge responsibility and there are some basic features I look for in a car. The top being: safety, affordability,  and style.

Safety: I need to know and feel safe within the vehicle I’m driving in and know that my precious cargo will be protected. The car is equipped with dual front advanced airbags, dual front seat airbags, and full length curtain airbags.

Affordability: Given all of the features in this car, I was surprised to find out that purchasing a 2013 Kia® Rio starts at just $13k and leasing options are available.

Style: When I was a teen I was convinced I needed an Escalade. I’ve always loved big cars, but I’m frugal so would never buy one because of the cost and need for gas! The Rio is a car that may seem small, but has enough room for a comfortable experience for you and your passengers.

I had such a blast cruising around time in my Rio, the ride was smooth and every day I was figuring out another way the car was making my life easier. For instance, I was able to connect my phone via Bluetooth to the car and the car synced my contacts and I was able to make phone calls through the car, which saved me a lot of headache – especially on the highway

It was sad to say goodbye to Rio at the end of my week, but I am sure glad I was able to experience the powerhouse the Rio is!

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