Don’t You Ever Wish You Had an Extra Set of Hands?

I think moms need to have a set of eight arms like an octopus. Granted — we might look weird, but at least we could get everything done we need to. If I had an extra set of arms, I could definitely pack more groceries to my car, hold the baby, cook dinner, and write that post that is on the backburner — because I am a super busy mom!

The New Ford Escape Features

I love the new features of the Ford Escape! They definitely had us busy moms in mind. Being able to open the back hatch just with my leg is CRAZY fabulous! Check out the hilarious 5 minute video to see the Ford Escape in action!


I am totally ready to trade my old mini van in for one of these new vehicles!

What about you? Would you love to have the new feature on your car?

This post is part of a promotional campaign for Ford. All opinions listed are our own.


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