The New Xperia Tablet S from Sony is Designed for Families

If you have children, you know that the moment a tablet enters the home, the kids want to take it over. And while we do hate handing over our favorite new technology, the truth is that we love how engaging and educational tablets can be for our kids.

It seems that Sony had this family-tablet in mind when they designed their new Xperia Tablet S. It has several very family-friendly features which make sharing your new tablet with your kids a little less painful.

First, it is splash proof. Yes. Right there, they score. Whether our little monkeys spill a glass of water or splash us with their bath water while we catch up on our Twitter feed at bathtime, the IPX-4 splash proof rating, has us covered. (Just make sure the multi-port cover is in place.) The LCD screen even recognizes touch gestures when your hands are wet, so you can keep reading, working, cooking, or playing even when you are up to your elbows.

Second, the Xperia Tablet S features Sony’s new exclusive Guest Mode feature, allowing parents to give kids access only to the apps they want them to be able to access. With Guest Mode, the tablet owner can set up personalized configurations for different users, with different wallpaper, apps, and widgets, thus giving parents more control over what content their children can consume.

As a parent, I appreciate not cluttering up my configuration with my kids’ apps, and my kids appreciate having their own “space.”

Sony’s vice president of networked technologies and services at Sony Electronics, Phil Lubell, explained, “Tablets are no longer just a personal device, but are being shared by family members, and we heard from consumers that they wanted to have parental controls. It was important for us to provide parents with a solution for controlling what content their children could access from the tablet.”

My final favorite family friendly feature of the Xperia Tablet S is their “control the living room” remote control functionality — cause we parents can use all the extra help we can get. (Especially if we actually get the chance to sit down on the couch for a few minutes!)

The Xperia Tablet S allows users to turn on multiple devices of most brands, including TV, Blu-ray Disc™ player and audio system, with the touch of one button, easily programming sequenced commands such as “Watch TV” or Play Music” and perform the sequences with one tap on the screen.

Sony is also offering a new app called Watch Now, which provides an interactive, visual program guide fueled by personal preference and real-time trends from users’ social media feeds. “TV fans can use the app to discover new shows based on intelligent recommendations from the app, change the channel with a flick of the finger and share their thoughts on what they are watching via Twitter™, Facebook® and Get Glue.” The Sony exclusive app is available for download in the US from Google Play™.

sony-xperia-tablet-sOf course, Sony has their users well “app-ed” with pre-loaded Sony Apps such as the Sony Entertainment Network Services, giving users access to music, movies and TV shows with Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited and the ability to store photos and videos in the cloud and share on any device through PlayMemories Online™ service. The Xperia also comes pre-loaded with the Sony Reader™ application so users can manage their bookshelf across multiple devices, including Sony Reader and Xperia Smartphones.

Another fun app available is Scrapbook, which allows users to clip from websites, services or apps to create their own scrapbooks. Users can then share clips or scrapbooks as images across multiple apps. Users can download Socialife, a fun, stylish viewer to manage your social networking sites and news feeds in one place.

As well, Sony offers three media applications, WALKMAN®, Album and Movies, allowing users to consume their content in feature rich and easy-to-use apps.

Sony Xperia Tablet S

Here is a quick overview of the features of the Sony Xperia Tablet S:

  • Universal Remote: Control the living room with the built-in Universal IR remote. Whether it’s your TV, Blu-ray Disc™ player, stereo or cable box, you can control all of them right from your tablet.
  • Visual Program Guide with the Watch Now Application: Watch Now provides an interactive, visual program guide, fueled by your personal preferences and trending information from social media feeds.
  • Let Your Guest Program Their Own Version of Your Remote: Allow personalized configurations for different users by displaying different wallpaper, applications and widgets.
  • Sony Entertainment Network: Access your favorite music and new release movies, or find countless other ways to entertain yourself with Sony Entertainment Network.
  • Small Apps: Xperia™ Tablet enables multi-tasking between two applications by using one app in a small screen (Small App) while you continue to use the main app you’re in.
  • Tons of Accessories: Xperia™ Tablet has a host of optional accessories available including case with keyboard, HDMI® adapter, charging cradle, assorted color cases and more.

The Sony Xperia Tablet S is a fabulous piece of technology — and I just wish I didn’t have to pack it up send it back to Sony. (Maybe Santa will leave one under my tree this year!)

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